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IPGMAntiochWL Well Locations of Antioch Quadrangle, Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin Barbara J. Stiff and Michael L. Barnhardt 2005 $10.50
OFS1993-10b Well types and locations, north-central Lake County Matthew M. Riggs, Curtis A. Abert, Melisa M. McLean, Robert J. Krumm, and E. Donald McKay 1993 $5.00
OFS1993-4 Wells and borings in Illinois compiled by E. D. McKay, III and S. L. Denhart 1993 $13.50
OFS1992-4 West-east cross section in the Illinois Basin: Ozark Dome, Missouri, to Rough Creek Graben, western Kentucky Michael L. Sargent, Janis D. Treworgy, and Stephen T. Whitaker 1992 Out of print
RPR1970-M Wet oxidation of oxalic acid used in radiocarbon dating and 14C fractionation during the oxidation Stephen M. Kim 1970 Out of print
C333 Wettability of coal, graphite, and naphthalene as measured by contact angles R. E. Eissler, K. E. Van Holde 1962 Out of print
C124 What about our minerals? : A quiz book on the geology and mineral resources of Illinois. Illinois State Geological Survey 1946 Out of print
RPR1993-M What influenced the price of crude oil in the U.S.?--an analysis of the 1971-1990 period Subhash B. Bhagwat 1993 $5.00
RPR1960-E What's under the surface? James E. Hackett 1960 Out of print
C149 Where to find information on mineral raw materials M. M. Leighton 1950 Out of print
C140 Why study geology : covering old and new ground M. M. Leighton 1948 Out of print
IP047 Wildcat drilling in Illinois since 1936 with discussion of prospects for further discoveries and table of wildcat wells completed in 1942 Charles W. Carter 1943 Out of print
RPR1959-L Wilsonites, new name for Wilsonia Kosanke, 1950 Robert M. Kosanke 1959 Out of print
FTWinchester Winchester area : Scott, Morgan and Greene Counties, Winchester and Griggsville quadrangles Leaders, William E. Cote, D. L. Reinertsen, G.M. Wilson, M. M. Killey 1970 Buy
RPR1999-H Wisconsin Episode glacial landscape of central Illinois; a product of subglacial deformation processes? W. Hilton Johnson, Ardith K. Hansel 1999 $5.00
GB021 Wisconsinan and Sangamonian type sections of central Illinois Leaders: E. Donald McKay and Alan D. Harn ; contributors: Leon R. Follmer, Francis F. King, James E. King, Alan V. Morgan, Anne Morgan 1990 $5.00
RPR1973-N Wisconsinan climatic history interpreted from Lake Michigan lobe deposits and soils John C. Frye and H. B. Willman 1973 Out of print
C304 Wisconsinan molluscan faunas of the Illinois Valley region A. Byron Leonard, John C. Frye 1960 Out of print
GB013 Wisconsinan, Sangamonian, and Illinoian stratigraphy in central Illinois Leaders : Leon R. Follmer, E. Donald McKay, Jerry A. Lineback, David L. Gross ; contributions by : Jerry A. Lineback, Leon R. Follmer, H. B. Willman, E. Donald McKay, James E. King, Frances B. King, Norton G. Miller 1979 Buy
FTWolflake Wolf Lake geological field trip David L. Reinertsen, Philip C. Reed 1988 Buy


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