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RPR1994-B Trace elements in Illinois coal before and after conventional coal preparation I. Demir, R. D. Harvey, R. R. Ruch, J. D. Steele, and K. K. Ho 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-C Predicted impact of a new highway on a spring-fed wetland, Cook County, Illinois Bruce R. Hensel, Keros Cartwright, Michael L. Barnhardt, Ardith K. Hansel 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-D Coastal geomorphology and littoral cell divisions along the Illinois-Indiana coast of Lake Michigan Michael J. Chrzastowski, Todd A. Thompson, C. Brian Trask 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-E Adsorption and desorption of atrazine and deethylatrazine by low organic carbon geologic materials W. R. Roy and I. G. Krapac 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-F Hydrochemistry of the Mahomet Bedrock Valley Aquifer, east-central Illinois : indicators of recharge and ground-water flow by S. V. Panno, K. C. Hackley, K. Cartwright, and C. L. Liu 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-G Release of organic, pyritic, elemental, and sulfate sulfur during temperature-programmed pyrolysis of Illinois Basin coals C,-L. Chou, K. C. Hackley and J. Cao 1993 $5.00
RPR1994-H Cleat-filling calcite in Illinois Basin Coals : trace-element evidence for meteoric fluid migration in a coal basin Allan Kolker and Chen-Lin Chou 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-I Large-scale aquifer sensitivity model R. C. Berg, C. C. Abert 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-J Behavior of chlorine during coal pyrolysis Dakang Shao, Erik J. Hutchinson, Haibin Cao, and Wei-Ping Pan 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-K Classification of depressions in landfill covers using uncalibrated thermal-infrared imagery Christopher Stohr, Robert G. Darmody, Thomas D. Frank, Arun P. Elhance, Ross Lunetta, Dorsey Worthy, and Kathaleen O'Connor-Shoresman 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-L Behavior of sulfur during coal pyrolysis Dakang Shao, Erik J. Hutchinson, Jenny Heidbrink, Wei-Ping Pan, Chen-Lin Chou 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-M Fossil epithelial cell imprints as indicators of conodont biology Peter H. van Bitter and Rodney D. Norby 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-N Ontogenetic development of Pa element cup microsculpture in Lochriea commutata (Branson and Mehl, 1941) (Conodonta, Carboniferous) : taxonomic implications Peter H. van Bitter and Rodney D. Norby 1994 $5.00
RPR1994-O Qualitative and quantitative analysis of clay minerals in soils R. E. Hughes, D. M. Moore, and H. D. Glass 1994 $5.00
RPR1995-A Clay-based ceramic raw materials John R. Burst and Randall E. Hughes 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-B Slug tests for determining hydraulic conductivity of natural geologic deposits Beverly L. Herzog 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-C Mississippian "Warsaw" play makes waves in Illinois Basin Zakaria Lasemi and John P. Grube 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-D Occurrence of agricultural chemicals in Illinois' rural private wells : results from the pilot study E. Mehnert, S. C. Schock, M. L. Barnhardt, M. E. Caughey, S.F.J. Chou, W. S. Dey, G.B. Dreher, and C. Ray 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-E Preliminary comparison of Waulsortian mound facies in the Williston and Illinois Basins Randolph B. Burke, Zakaria Lasemi 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-F Groundwater contamination from municipal landfills in the USA W. R. Roy 1995 $5.00


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