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OFS2013-3 Assessing the Potential Reservoirs and Seals of the Cambro-Ordovician Knox Group in the Illinois Basin for CO2 Sequestration Z. Askari-Khorasgani, Y. Lasemi, Z. Lasemi and H.E. Leetaru 2013 Buy
OFS2013-2 Subsurface Lithostratigraphy of the Cambro-Ordovician Knox Group in Illinois: Regional Correlation of Potential Reservoirs and Seals Z. Askari-Khorasgani, Y. Lasemi, Z. Lasemi and H.E. Leetaru 2013 Buy
OFS2013-1 Hydrogeologic Monitoring in the Illinois-Wisconsin Lake Plain, Northern Lake County James J. Miner and Melinda C. Higley 2013 Buy
C580 Age of the Winnebago Formation of North-Central Illinois as Determined by Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating Richard C. Berg, E. Donald McKay III, Ronald J. Goble, and Hong Wang 2013 Buy
OFS2013-4 Annual report for active IDOT wetland mitigation and hydrologic monitoring sites : September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013 Geoffrey E. Posiask, Steven E. Benton, Eric T. Plankell, Keith W. Carr, Kathleen E. Bryant, Melinda C. Higley, Jessica R. Ackerman, Jessica L.B. Monson, and Colleen M. Long 2013 buy
IGQDixonE-BG Bedrock geology of Dixon East Quadrangle, Lee County, Illinois Dennis R. Kolata 2013 buy
IGQNapervilleSG Surficial Geology of Naperville Quadrangle, Du Page County, Illinois B.Brandon Curry and Henry D. Fineberg 2013 buy
IGQSmithland-BG Bedrock Geology of Smithland Quadrangle, Pope and Massac Counties, Illnois Joseph A. Devera 2013 buy
IGQFoxLake-IM Image map of Fox Lake Quadrangle, McHenry and Lake Counties, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin Donald E. Luman 2013 buy
IGQKaskaskia-BG Bedrock Geology of Kaskaskia Quadrangle, Randolph County, Illnois and Ste. Genevieve and Perry Counties, Missouri Mary J. Seid 2013 buy
IGQCarbondaleBG Bedrock Geology of Carbondale Quadrangle, Jackson and Williamson Counties, Illinois W.John Nelson 2013 buy
IGQCarbondaleSG Surficial Geology of Carbondale Quadrangle, Jackson and Williamson Counties, Illinois W.John Nelson 2013 buy
ICGMWhitesideSG Surficial geology of Whiteside County, Illinois Richard C. Anderson, Xiaodong Miao 2013 Buy
IGQCarbondaleDT Drift Thickness of Carbondale Quadrangle, Jackson and Williamson Counties, Illinois W. John Nelson 2013 Buy
C582 Groundwater Salinity Within the Mt. Simon Sandstone in Illinois and Indiana Edward Mehnert and Paula H. Weberling 2014 Buy
C585 A Manual for conducting preliminary environmental site assessments for Illinois Department of Transportation infrastructure projects Anne L. Erdmann, Daniel J. Adomaitis, Phyllis L. Bannon-Nilles, Gregory A. Kientop and Dale R. Schmidt 2014 buy
IMAP018 Drift Thickness of the Middle Illinois River Valley, Bureau, Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, and Woodford Counties, Illinois Richard C. Berg, E.Donald McKay III, and Barbara J. Stiff 2014 buy
IGQValmeyerSG Surficial Geology of Valmeyer Quadrangle, Monroe County, Illinois David A. Grimley, Johanna M. Gemperline, and Timothy A. Larson 2014 buy
FTJoDaviess Guide to the Geology, Hydrogeology, Botany, History, and Archaelogy of the Driftless Area of Northwestern Illinois, Jo Daviess County Samual V. Panno, Phillip G. Millhouse, Randy W. Nyboer, Daryl Watson, Walton R. Kelly, Lisa M. Anderson, Curtis C. Abert, and Donald E. Luman 2014 Buy
c583 A Depositional and Diagenetic Characterization of the Mt. Simon Sandstone at the Illinois Basin - Decatur Project Carbon Capture and Storage Site, Decatur, Illinois, USA Jared T. Freiburg, David G. Morse, Hannes E. Leetaru, Riley P. Hoss, and Qina Yan 2014 Buy


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