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C153 Flooding with re-used water Frederick Squires 1949 Out of print
C154 Illinois fluid injection research reviewed Frederick Squires 1949 Out of print
C155 Measuring oil reserves by injected gas Frederick Squires 1949 Out of print
C156 Acid etching in the study of limestones and dolomites J. E. Lamar 1950 Out of print
C157 Short papers on geologic subjects. Illinois State Geological Survey 1950 Out of print
C158 Structures due to volume shrinkage in the bedding-replacement fluorspar deposits of southern Illinois Robert M. Grogan 1949 Out of print
C159 Summary of research results on the geologic aspects of radio wave transmission M. William Pullen 1950 Out of print
C160 Summary of stratigraphy shown in geologic cross-section of Illinois Basin L. E. Workman, D. H. Swann, and Elwood Atherton 1950 Out of print
C161 Secondary recovery in Illinois Frederick Squires, Paul G. Luckhardt, and Alfred H. Bell 1950 Out of print
C162 Olmsted Fuller's earth as a bonding clay for foundry use Ralph E. Grim 1950 Out of print
C163 Flooding prospects of Illinois Basin oil sands Frederick Squires and Paul G. Luckhardt 1950 Out of print
C164 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Marion and Fayette Counties and adjacent parts of Bond, Clinton, Montgomery, Clay, Effingham, Washington, Jefferson, and Wayne Counties Raymond Siever 1950 Buy
C165 Summary of water-flooding operations in Illinois, 1950 Frederick Squires and members of the Illinois Secondary Recovery and Study Committee for Illinois, Secondary Recovery Division, Interstate Oil Compact Commission 1950 Out of print
C166 Mineral resource research and activities of the State Geological Survey, 1948-1949 M. M. Leighton 1950 Out of print
C167 Aromatic fluorine compounds. II. 1,2,4,5-tetrafluorobenzene and related compounds. III. The fluoromesitylenes and derivatives. IV. 1,2,3,5-tetrafluorobenzene. V. 1,3,5-trifluorobenzene G. C. Finger, F. H. Reed, D. M. Burness, D. M. Fort and R. R. Blough 1951 Out of print
C168 Reactions accompanying the firing of brick R. E. Grim and W. D. Johns, Jr. 1951 Out of print
C169 Future oil possibilities of the Eastern Interior Basin David H. Swann, John W. Henderson, E. J. Combs, Ralph E. Esarey, Louise B. Freeman, D. J. Jones, and F. T. Thwaites 1951 Out of print
C170 Short papers on geologic subjects : The Mt. Simon sandstone in northern Illinois J. S. Templeton. Petrology of basal high-purity bed of the Burlington limestone / Donald L. Graf. Pre-glacial gravels in Henry County, Illinois / Leland Horberg. The Neda formation in northeastern Illinois / L. E. Workman. 1951 Out of print
C171 Determination of fluorine in organic compounds Howard S. Clark 1951 Out of print
C172 Mineral resource research and activities of the State Geological Survey, 1949-1950 M. M. Leighton 1951 Out of print


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