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B085 Petroleum industry in Illinois in 1957. Part I. Oil and gas developments ; Part II. Waterflood operations Alfred H. Bell, Virginia Kline, Carl W. Sherman 1959 Out of print
B084 Petrographic and coking characteristics of coal : laboratory study of Illinois coal seams nos. 5 and 6 Charles E. Marshall, John A. Harrison, Jack A. Simon, Margaret A. Parker 1958 Buy
B083 Petroleum industry in Illinois in 1956. Part I. Oil and gas developments ; Part II. Water flood operations Alfred H. Bell, Virginia Kline, Donald A. Pierre 1958 Out of print
B082 Geology and mineral resources of the Beardstown, Glasford, Havana, and Vermont quadrangles Harold R. Wanless 1957 Buy
B081 Petroleum industry in Illinois in 1955. Part I. Oil and gas developments Alfred H. Bell, Virginia Kline. Part II. Waterflood operations / Paul A. Witherspoon, Donald A. Pierre 1957 Out of print
B080 Symposium on waterflooding : held at Urbana, Illinois, October 28-30, 1956 Paul A. Witherspoon, chairman 1957 Out of print
B079 Oil and gas developments in Illinois in 1954 Alfred H. Bell and Virginia Kline 1956 Out of print
B078 Minable coal reserves of Illinois Gilbert H. Cady, in collaboration with other members of the Coal Division 1952 Buy
B077 Geology and mineral resources of the Carlinville Quadrangle John R. Ball 1952 Buy
B076 Geology of the fluorspar deposits of Illinois J. Marvin Weller, Robert M. Grogan, and Frank E. Tippie ; with contributions L. E. Workman and A. H. Sutton 1952 Buy
B075 Groundwater in the Peoria region Illinois State Geological Survey 1950 Buy
B074 Pennsylvanian spores of Illinois and their use in correlation by Robert M. Kosanke 1950 Out of print
B073 Bedrock topography of Illinois Leland Horberg 1950 Out of print
B072 Briquetting Illinois coals without binder by R. J. Piersol 1948 Out of print
B071 Use of Illinois coal for production of metallurgical coke F. H. Reed, H. W. Jackman, O. W. Rees, G. R. Yohe, and P. W. Henline 1947 Out of print
B070 Pennsylvanian ostracodes of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1946 Out of print
B069 Amenability of various types of clay minerals to alumina extraction by the lime sinter and lime-soda sinter process by R. E. Grim, J. S. Machin, and W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print
B068 Some addresses and paper presented on the occasion of the dedication of the State Natural Resources Building, November 15, 1940, and the Illinois Mineral Industries Conference, November 14-16, 1940. Illinois State Geological Survey 1940 Out of print
B067 Pennsylvanian fusulinidae of Illinois Carl O. Dunbar and Lloyd G. Henbest ; with a section on stratigraphy by J. Marvin Weller, Lloyd G. Henbest and Carl O. Dunbar 1942 Out of print
B066 Geology and mineral resources of the Marseilles, Ottawa, and Streator quadrangles H.B. Willman, and J. Norman Payne, with an introduction to mineral resources by W. H. Voskuil 1942 Buy


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