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RI040 The geology and oil and gas possibilities of parts of Marion and Clay Counties: with a discussion of the central portion of the Illinois Basin J. Marvin Weller and Alfred H. Bell 1936 Out of print
RI041 I. Smokeless briquets: impacted without binder from partially volatilized Illinois coals : progress report of a laboratory investigation. II. Smoke index: a qualitative measurement of smoke R. J. Piersol 1936 Out of print
RI042 Some geological relations between the constitution of soil materials and highway construction George E. Ekblaw and Ralph E. Grim 1936 Out of print
RI043 Illinois mineral industry in 1935: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review Walter H. Voskuil, Alma R. Sweeny, and W. A. Newton 1936 Out of print
RI044 The mica in argillaceous sediments R. E. Grim, R. H. Bray, and W. F. Bradley 1937 Out of print
RI045 Stratigraphic studies of Pennsylvanian outcrops in part of southern Illinois William A. Newton and J. Marvin Weller 1937 Buy
RI046 Illinois mineral industry in 1936: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review Walter H. Voskuil, Alma R. Sweeny, and W. A. Newton 1937 Out of print
RI047 Decolorization of southern Illinois silica J. S. Machin and F. V. Tooley 1937 Out of print
RI048 Washability characteristics of Illinois coal screenings D. R. Mitchell and L. C. McCabe ; in cooperation with the Engineering Experiment Station, University of Illinois 1937 Out of print
RI049 A summary of the uses of limestone and dolomite J. E. Lamar and H. B. Willman 1938 Out of print
RI050 Spores from the Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Illinois James M. Schopf 1938 Out of print
RI051 Illinois mineral industry in 1937: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review Walter H. Voskuil, Alma R. Sweeny, G. N. Oliver 1938 Out of print
RI052 Petrology of the Pennsylvanian underclays of Illinois by Ralph E. Grim, Victor T. Allen 1938 Out of print
RI053 A unique clay from the Goose Lake, Illinois, area R. E. Grim and W. F. Bradley 1939 Out of print
RI054 The market for Illinois oil in 1937 and 1938 Walter H. Voskuil 1939 Out of print
RI055 Effect of preparation on ash fusibility of selected Illinois coals L. C. McCabe, O. W. Rees 1939 Out of print
RI056 Illinois mineral industry in 1938: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review distribution of coal in 1937 Walter H. Voskuil, G. N. Oliver 1939 Out of print
RI057 Fine-grained molding sand resources of northern Illinois: a preliminary investigation H. B. Willman 1939 Out of print
RI058 A study of the equilibration method of determining moisture in coal for classification by rank O. W. Rees, F. H. Reed, G. W. Land 1939 Out of print
RI059 Preliminary geological maps of the pre-Pennsylvanian formations in part of southwestern Illinois : Waterloo, Kimmswick, New Athens, Crystal City, Renault, Baldwin, Chester and Campbell Hill quadrangles Stuart Weller and J. Marvin Weller. Explanation and stratigraphic summary / J. Marvin Weller 1939 Out of print


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