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RI217 Late Paleozoic sandstones of the Illinois Basin Paul Edwin Potter 1963 Out of print
RI216 Classification of Genevievian and Chesterian (late Mississippian) rocks of Illinois D. H. Swann 1963 Buy
RI215 Caves of Illinois J Harlen Bretz, S. E. Harris, Jr. 1961 Out of print
RI214 Classification of the Pennsylvanian strata of Illinois R.M. Kosanke, J.A. Simon, H.R. Wanless, H.B. Willman 1960 Out of print
RI213 Ground-water geology of Winnebago County, Illinois James E. Hackett 1960 Buy
RI212 Acidic structural groups in Illinois coals : variation during oxidation and carbonization T. P. Maher, J. M. Harris, G. R. Yohe 1959 Out of print
RI211 Limestone resources of extreme southern Illinois J. E. Lamar 1959 Buy
RI210 Crevice lead-zinc deposits of northwestern Illinois J. C. Bradbury 1959 Buy
RI209 Conodonts from the Glen Dean formation (Chester) of the Illinois Basin Carl B. Rexroad 1958 Out of print
RI208 Water sorption properties of homoionic clay minerals W. Arthur White 1958 Out of print
RI207 Oxidation of coal G. R. Yohe 1958 Out of print
RI206 Studies on petroleum with the ultracentrifuge Paul A. Witherspoon 1958 Out of print
RI205 Pennsylvanian faunas of the Beardstown, Glasford, Havana, and Vermont quadrangles Harold R. Wanless 1958 Buy
RI204 Petrology and sedimentation of the Pennsylvanian sediments in southern Illinois : vertical profile Paul Edwin Potter, Herbert D. Glass 1958 Out of print
RI203 Petrology of the Paleozoic shales of Illinois Ralph E. Grim, William F. Bradley, W. Arthur White 1957 Buy
RI202 Vanadium efflorescence and its control by the use of fluorspar D. L. Deadmore, A. W. Allen, J. S. Machin 1957 Out of print
RI201 Types of late Cenozoic gastropods in the Frank Collins Baker Collection, Illinois State Geological Survey A. Byron Leonard 1957 Buy
RI200 Chemical analyses of Illinois limestones and dolomites compiled by L. E. Lamar 1957 Buy
RI199 Conodonts from the Chester series in the type area of southwestern Illinois Carl B. Rexroad 1957 Out of print
RI198 Farmdale drift in northwestern Illinois Paul R. Shaffer 1956 Buy


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