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C605 Evolution of a Peat-Contemporaneous Channel: The Galatia Channel, Middle Pennsylvanian, of the Illinois Basin W. John Nelson, Scott D. Elrick, William A. DiMichele, and Philip R. Ames 2020 Buy
C600 Title Geochemical Preservation of the Steptoean Positive Carbon Isotope Excursion (SPICE) Event in Dolomites of the Furongian Franconia Formation in the Illinois Basin Dana M. Labotka and Jared T. Freiburg 2020 Buy
OFS2020-1 Water Quality and Levels in Trout Park Nature Preserve Before and AFter Reconstruction of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (Interstate 90) Kane County, Illinois Eric T. Plankell, Geoffrey E. Pociask, and Lindsey A. Schafer 2020 Buy
C599 Illinois Basin - Decatur Project: Soil Carbon Dioxide Flux Monitoring Carl H. Carman, Curt S. Blakley, Christopher P. Korose, and Randall A. Locke II 2019 Buy
OFS2019-1 Annual Report for Active IDOT Wetland Mitigation and Hydrologic Monitoring Sites: September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019 Geoffrey E. Pociask, Steven E. Benton, Jessica L.B. Monson, Audra M. Noyes, Eric T. Plankell, Mackenzie K. Marti, Lindsey A. Schafer, and Keith W. Carr 2019 Buy
C598 Geologic Carbon Sequestration in the Illinois Basin: Numerical Modeling to Evaluate Potential Impacts Edward Mehnert, James R. Damico, Nathan P. Grigsby, Charles C. Monson, Christopher G. Patterson, and Fang Yang 2019 Buy
C597 Illinois Basin - Decatur Project: Process Design and Operation of Carbon Dioxide Surface Facilities Ray McKaskle, Rosalind Jones, Austyn Vance, Brad Piggott, Kevin Fisher, and Sallie Greenberg 2019 Buy
OFS2019-2 Final Report: Hydrogeologic Characterization and Stream Assessment at Franklin Creek State Park, Lee County, Illinois Katharine L. Schleich, Jessica R. Ackerman, Geoffrey E. Pociask 2019 Buy
IGQDeSotoBG Bedrock geology of De Soto Quadrangle, Franklin, Jackson, and Williamson Counties, Illinois W. John Nelson 2019 buy
C596 Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Characterization of the Silurian Racine Formation, Forsyth Oil Field, Macon County, Central Illinois Yaghoob Lasemi 2018 Buy
OFS2018-2 Field Trip Guide to Kaolinite Geodes in Hamilton, Illinois, USA, 55th Annual Meeting of the Clay Minerals Society Jared Freiburg, Georg Grathoff, and Zakaria Lasemi 2018 Buy
SPR006 Geologic cross sections of Quaternary deposits across the Manlove gas storage field area, Champaign County, Illinois Andrew J. Stumpf 2018 Buy
OFS2018-3 Annual Report for Active IDOT Wetland Mitigation and Hydrologic Monitoring Sites: September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018 Geoffrey E. Pociask, Steven E. Benton, Jessica L.B. Monson, Eric T. Plankell, Audra M. Noyes, Katharine L. Schleich, Keith W. Carr, Joshua J. Richardson, Mackenzie K. Marti, Lindsey A. Schafer 2018 Buy
OFS2018-1 Three-dimensional geological mapping: Workshop extended abstracts Richard C. Berg, Kelsey MacCormack, Hazen A.J. Russell, L. Harvey Thorleifson 2018 Buy
C594 The future of science of the Mahomet aquifer Steven E. Brown, Jason F. Thomason, Kisa E. Mwakanyamale 2018 Buy
C595 Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Capture Options from Ethanol Plants Ray McKaskle, Kevin Fisher, Paul Selz, and Yongqi Lu 2018 Buy
C592 General Large-Scale Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery Facility Design for the Illinois Basin Ray W. McKaskle, Carrie M. Beitler, Austyn E. Vance, and Scott M. Frailey 2017 Buy
C590 Inorganic Chemical Composition of Illinois Soils Richard A. Cahill 2017 Buy
OFS2017-1 Annual Report for Active IDOT Wetland Mitigation and Hydrologic Monitoring Sites: September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017 Geoffrey E. Pociask, Steven E. Benton, Eric T. Plankell, Keith W. Carr, Jessica R. Ackerman, Jessica L.B. Monson, Katharine L. Schleich, Joshua J. Richardson, Audra M. Noyes 2017 Buy
C586 Karst of the Driftless Area of Jo Daviess County, Illinois Samuel V. Panno, Donald E. Luman, Walton R. Kelly, Timothy H. Larson, and Steven J. Taylor 2017 Buy


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