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OFS2000-8b Surficial geology map, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Matthew H. Riggs 2000 Buy
OFS2000-8a Land surface topography map, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Matthew H. Riggs, Scott Medlin and Christopher S. McGarry 2000 Buy
OFS2000-7 Surficial deposits of Illinois digitally adapted by Barbara J. Stiff 2000 Buy
OFS2000-6 Shaded relief of Kane County, Illinois compiled by Christopher S. McGarry 2000 Buy
OFS2000-5 An electrical earth resistivity survey in the Wabash River bottoms, eastern Crawford County, Illinois Timothy Larson and Steven L. Sargent 2000 Buy
OFS2000-4 Results of geophysical studies in the Farmer City-Mansfield area, Piatt and De Witt Counties, Illinois Timothy Larson 2000 Buy
OFS2000-3 Bedrock geology of Boone and Winnebago Counties, Illinois Christopher S. McGarry 2000 Buy
OFS2000-2 Bedrock topography of Boone and Winnebago Counties, Illinois Christopher S. McGarry 2000 Buy
OFS2000-12 Groundwater conditions in the Glasford Formation beneath the Healey Street basin, Champaign, IL Edward Mehnert, David R. Larson, William S. Dey, and Timothy C. Young 2000 Buy
OFS2000-11 Annual report for active IDOT wetland compensation and hydrologic monitoring sites September 1, 2001 to September 1, 2002. Christine S. Fucciolo, Steven E. Benton, Keith W. Carr, D. Bradley Ketterling, Michael V. Miller, James J. Miner, Geoffrey E. Pociask, Bonnie J. Robinson, Blaine A. Watson, Kelli D. Weaver 2000 Buy
OFS2000-10 Availability of the Herrin Coal for mining in Illinois Colin G. Treworgy, Christopher P. Korose and Christine L. Wiscombe 2000 Buy
OFS2000-1 Availability of the Springfield coal for mining in Illinois : map summary of Illinois Minerals 118 Colin G. Treworgy, Christopher P. Korose, Cheri A. Chenoweth, and Daniel L. North 2000 Buy
OFS1999-8 A directory of Illinois libraries: historical resources for environmental site assessments Phyllis L. Bannon-Nilles, Jennifer R. Ousley, Lynne E. Raymond, Mary P. Krick, Christopher J. Black 1999 Buy
OFS1999-7 Availability of coal resources for mining in Illinois : Shawneetown Quadrangle, Gallatin County, Illinois and Union County, Kentucky Colin G. Treworgy and Daniel L. North 1999 Buy
OFS1999-6 Characterization and assessment of the sediment quality and transport processes in the West Branch of the Grand Calumet River in Illinois by Richard A. Cahill and Misganaw Demissie and William C. Bogner 1999 Buy
OFS1999-5 The role of hydraulic, chemical, and biological factors in the decline of specific capacity in the western Champaign well field : a preliminary investigation Edward Mehnert, Keith C. Hackley, David R. Larson, and Samuel V. Panno 1999 Buy
OFS1999-4 Number not used
OFS1999-3 Number not used
OFS1999-2 Number not used
OFS1999-1g Thickness of Quaternary deposits in Lee County, Illinois Renee J. Nagy 1999 Buy


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