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RPR1978-L Geologic studies to identify the source for high levels of radium and barium in Illinois ground-water supplies: a preliminary report Robert L. Gilkeson, Susan A. Specht, Keros Cartwright, Robert A. Griffin, and Thurston E. Larson 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-K Interstitial networks of kaolinite within pyrite framboids in the Miegs Creek coal of Ohio Mark H. Scheihing, Harold J. Gluskoter, and Robert B. Finkelman 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-J Geology of a longwall mining demonstration at Old Ben No. 24: Roof lithologies and coal balls Philip J. DeMaris and Robert A. Bauer 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-I New Madrid seismotectonic study: Activities during fiscal year 1977 T. C. buschbach 1977 Out of print
RPR1978-H Memorial to James Marvin Weller, 1899-1976 H. B. Willman 1978 $5.00
RPR1978-G Absorption and other properties of carbonate rock affecting soundness of aggregate Richard D. Harvey, James W. Baxter, Gordon S. Fraser, and Craig B. Smith 1978 $5.00
RPR1978-F Petrology of the New Albany shale Group (Upper Devonian and Kinderhookian in the Illinois Basin: a preliminary report R. D. Harvey, W. A. White, R. M. Cluff, J. K. Frost, and P. B. DuMontelle 1978 $5.00
RPR1978-E Mossbauer spectroscopic investigation of iron species in coal Gerard V. Smith, Juei-Ho Liu, Mykola Saporoschenko and Richard Shiley 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-D Contribution of surficial deposits, bedrock, and industrial wastes to certain trace elements in ground water R. H. Gilkeson, Keros Cartwright, L. R. Follmer, and T. M. Johnson 1978 $5.00
RPR1978-C Internal surface area and porosity in eastern gas shales from the sorption of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane--a status report Josephus Thomas, Jr. and Robert R. Frost 1978 $5.00
RPR1978-B Lead adsorption by montmorillonite using a competitive Langmuir equation R. A. Griffin and A. K. Au 1977 Out of print
RPR1978-A The determination of forms of sulfur in coal and related materials John K. Kuhn 1977 $5.00
RPR1977-N Revision of the Ordovician carpoid family Iowacystidae Dennis R. Kolata, Harrell L. Strimple, and Calvin O. Levorson 1977 Out of print
RPR1977-M Fluoride content of clay minerals and argillaceous earth materials Josephus Thomas, Jr., H. D. Glass, W. A. White, and T. M. Trandel 1977 $5.00
RPR1977-L Coal Hubert E. Risser and Ramesh Malhotra 1976 Out of print
RPR1977-K Quaternary stratigraphy in Illinois: Status and current problems W. H. Johnson 1976 $5.00
RPR1977-J Effect of pH on adsorption of chromium from landfill-leachate by clay minerals R. A. Griffin, Anna K. Au, and R. R. Frost 1977 $5.00
RPR1977-I Migration of landfill leachate through glacial tills Keros Cartwright, Robert A. Griffin, and Robert H. Gilkeson 1977 Out of print
RPR1977-H Characterization by scanning electron microscopy of mineral matter in residues of coal liquefaction Suzanne J. Russell 1977 $5.00
RPR1977-G Effect of pH on adsorption of copper, zinc, and cadmium from landfill leachate by clay minerals R. R. Frost and R. A. Griffin 1977 Out of print


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