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C144 Some Chester outcrop and subsurface sections in southeastern Illinois Elwood Atherton. Unusual oolite grains from the Ste. Genevieve limestone / Raymond S. Shrode 1948 Out of print
C143 Mineral resource research, 1946-1947, by the Illinois State Geological Survey M. M. Leighton 1948 Out of print
C142 The educational extension program of the Illinois State Geological Survey Gilbert O. Raasch 1948 Out of print
C141 Long-term manufacturing opportunities in the upper Mississippi Valley Walter H. Voskuil 1948 Out of print
C140 Why study geology : covering old and new ground M. M. Leighton 1948 Out of print
C139 Reaction of coal with oxygen in the presence of aqueous sodium hydroxide : effect of methylation with dimethl sulfate G. R. Yohe and Eva O. Blodgett 1947 Out of print
C138 Certain geological conditions that cause mining fatalities Rolf W. Roley 1947 Out of print
C137 Transparent model of reservoir showing displacement of oil by conjoint use of gas and water Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
C136 Some trisubstituted benzotrifluorides G. C. Finger and Martin Knell. Some factors in the synthesis of 3,5-dinitrobebenzotrifluoride / O. F. Williams and G. C. Finger 1947 Out of print
C135 Reflections on recent diamond-drill exploration in the Illinois coal field Gilbert H. Cady. Use of international business machine technique in tabulating drilling data / Margaret A. Parker 1947 Out of print
C134 Rustless coupling for asbestos-cement pipe Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
C133 A comparative study of stigmarian appendages and isoetes roots Wilson N. Stewart 1947 Out of print
C132 Agstone used in Illinois in 1946 by Walter H. Voskuil, Douglas F. Stevens, and Ethel M. King 1947 Out of print
C131 Plant microfossils in correlation of coal beds by R. M. Kosanke 1947 Out of print
C130 Designs for oil field tools to aid in water flooding Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
C129 Investigations on secondary recovery by the Illinois State Geological survey Alfred H. Bell 1947 Out of print
C128 Trends in coal utilization Frank H. Reed, G. R. Yohe, O. W. Rees, and Harold W. Jackman 1947 Out of print
C127 Coke : a key industrial mineral by Walter H. Voskuil 1947 Out of print
C126 Operation of the Illinois State Geological Survey M. M. Leighton 1946 Out of print
C125 Flood tide in Illinois Frederick Squires 1946 Out of print


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