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RPR1987-R Using stable isotopes to monitor forms of sulfur during desulfurization processes: a quick screening method C.-L. Chou, K. C. Hackley, D. D. Coleman, and C. W. Kruse 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-Q Satellite image mosaic of Illinois Richard E. Dahlberg, Donald E. Luman, Alden Warren, and Christopher J. Stohr 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-P Coal research at the Illinois State Geological Survey Morris W. Leighton 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-O Remote sensing investigations at a hazardous waste landfill Christopher Stohr, W. J. Su, P. B. DuMontelle, and R. A. Griffin 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-N Laboratory experiments to evaluate the removal of ash, sodium, chlorine, and sulfur from three selected samples of Illinois coal by concentrating table, jig, and froth flotation techniques Ilham Demir, Richard B. Winston and Chen-Lin Chou 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-M Conversion of inorganic sulfides to magnetic pyrrhotite during thermal coal desulfurization K. C. Hackley, C. L. Liu, and D. D. Coleman 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-L Creation of a satellite image map of Illinois: a case study of technology transfer and linkage Richard E. Dahlberg, Donald E. Luman, and Christopher J. Stohr 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-K Analysis of coal surface mining equipment in Illinois. S. B. Bhagwat 1987 $5.00
RPR1987-J Sedimentological characteristics and genesis of basal tills at Wedron, Illinois Ardith K. Hansel, W. Hilton Johnson and Betty J. Socha 1987 $5.00
RPR1987-I Carbon monoxide-ethanol desulfurization of coal: a preliminary economic overview -- The carbon monoxide-ethanol desulfurization of high sulfur coal: a technical overview L. Wu, R. H. Shiley, R. L. Warren, R. E. Hughes, S. B. Bhagwat, C. C. Hinckley, and T. Wiltowski -- R. L. Warren, R. H. Shiley, L. Wu, R. E. Hughes, K. Redding, C. C. Hinckley and T. Wiltowski 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-H The architecture and function of Carboniferous polygnathacean conodont apparatuses R. J. Aldridge, M. P. Smith, R. D. Norby, and D. E. G. Briggs 1987 $5.00
RPR1987-G Thrust faults in southern Illinois Basin result of contemporary stress? W. John Nelson and Robert A. Bauer 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-F Contact microradiography of conodont assemblages R. D. Norby and M. J. Avcin 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-E Structure and dynamics of a Pennsylvanian-age lepidodendron forest: Colonizers of a disturbed swamp habitat in the Herrin (No. 6) Coal of Illinois William A. DiMichele and Philip J. DeMaris 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-D Structural and depositional history of the Pennsylvanian System in Illinois C. Brian Trask and James E. Palmer 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-C Geographic information systems: a computer technology for the coal industry C. G. Treworgy and M. H. Bargh 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-B Economics of secondary recovery of coal L. A. Khan, S. B. Bhagwat, and J. W. Baxter 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-A Provenance of Late Wisconsinan (Woodfordian) till and origin of the Decatur Sublobe W. Hilton Johnson, David W. Moore and E. Donald McKay III 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-W Using a relational data-base management system to help determine causes of damage to structures in Illinois Susan Carol Bradford, Paul B. DuMontelle, Robert A. Bauer, and R. Douglas Evans 1986 $5.00
RPR1986-V Domestic utilization of high sulfur coals: Trends and prospects Subhash B. Bhagwat 1986 $5.00


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