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RI017 The limestone resources of the Pontiac-Fairbury region J. E. Lamar 1929 Out of print
RI016 The oil and gas resources of the Ava-Campbell Hill area by Towner B. Root 1928 Out of print
RI015 Preliminary report on the fuller's earth deposits of Pulaski County J. E. Lamar 1928 Buy
RI014 Present status of correlation of Illinois coals Harold E. Culver 1927 Out of print
RI013 Stratigraphy and geologic structure of Northern Illinois : with special references to underground water supplies R. T. Thwaites 1927 Out of print
RI012 Limestone for sewage filter beds : causes of disintegration, desirable properties, and methods of testing L. E. Lamar 1927 Out of print
RI011 Pleistocene studies : 1. A notable type Pleistocene section : the Farm Creek exposure near Peoria, Illinois Morris M. Leighton. 2. Pre-Illinoian till in southern Illinois / Paul MacClintock 1926 Out of print
RI010 The oolite of the Ste. Genevieve formation L. E. Lamar 1926 Out of print
RI009 The Glenwood beds as a horizon marker at the base of the Platteville formation Arthur Bevan 1926 Out of print
RI008 Preliminary report of the economic mineral resources of Calhoun County J. E. Lamar 1926 Out of print
RI007 Further contributions to the geology of the Allendale oil field with a revised structure map Gail F. Moulton 1925 Out of print
RI006 Proper testing for oil structures in Illinois and some areas deserving such testing Gail F. Moulton 1925 Out of print
RI005 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) Coal seam near Duquoin D. J. Fisher 1925 Out of print
RI004 Carbon ratios and petroleum in Illinois Gail F. Moulton 1925 Out of print
RI003 Preliminary report of an investigation of the molding sand resources of Illinois M. S. Littlefield ; in cooperation with the Engineering Experiment Station of the University of Illinois 1925 Out of print
RI002 Structure of parts of Northeastern Williamson and Western Saline Counties Gilbert H. Cady ; in cooperation with U.S. Geological survey 1925 Out of print
RI001 Further consideration of prospects for oil and gas in the Decatur area D. M. Collingwood 1924 Out of print
POSTERKARST Karst land in Illinois: Hills, hollows, and honeycomb rock Samuel V. Panno and Ellen M. Wolf 1997 out-of-print
POSTERFOSSIL2 Illinois fossils Dennis R. Kolata and Rodney D. Norby 2004 Buy
POSTERFOSSIL1 Fossils of Illinois Robert Vaiden 2002 Buy


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