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WG-Lincoln Park A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois Illinois State Geological Survey 2015 buy
WG-Burnham Park A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois Illinois State Geological Survey 2012 buy
W-Map Geological Map of the State of Illinois A.H. Worthen 1875 Out of print
W-Geological Survey of Illinois Geological Survey of Illinois A. H. Worthen et. al. 1862-1890 Out of print
W-Economical Geology of Illinois Economical Geology of Illinois Amos H. Worthern et. al. 1882 Out of print
SPR008 Geology of Starved Rock State Park and Surrounding Area, La Salle County, Illinois 2020 NA
SPR007 Water Quality in the Mahomet Aquifer: Chemical Indicators of Brine Migration and Mixing Samuel V. Panno and Walton R. Kelly 2020 Buy
SPR006 Geologic cross sections of Quaternary deposits across the Manlove gas storage field area, Champaign County, Illinois Andrew J. Stumpf 2018 Buy
SPR005 Construction aggregates and silica sand in the economy of Illinois Subhash B. Bhagwat 2016 Buy
SPR004 Four Months a Prisoner of War in 1945 Jack A. Simon, compiled by Dick Harvey and Paul DuMontelle 2007 Free + shipping
SPR003 Economic benefits of detailed geologic mapping to Kentucky Subhash B. Bhagwat, Viju C. Ipe 2000 $5.75
SPR002 The great flood of 1993 : geologic perspectives on the flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries in Illinois M. J. Chrzastowski, M. M. Killey, R. A. Bauer, P. B. DuMontelle, A. L. Erdmann, B. L. Herzog, J. M. Masters, and L. R. Smith 1994 $5.00
SPR001 Geologic mapping for the future of Illinois prepared in cooperation with Senate Working Committee on Geologic Mapping; assisted by Senate Geologic Map Task Force 1992 $5.00
SP Starved Rock Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks Illinois State Geological Survey 2005 $12.00
SP Illinois Beach SP Shifting Sand: The Geology of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park Michael J. Chrzastowski, Cheryl K. Nimz, and James J. Miner 2013 12.00
RPR2004-D Stratal order in Pennsylvanian cyclothems: Discussion C. Pius Weibel 2004 $5.00
RPR2003-E The Mahomet Aquifer : a transboundary resource in east-central Illinois David L. Larson, Edward Mehnert, and Beverly L. Herzog 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-D Ostracode-based reconstruction from 23,300 to about 20,250 cal yr BP of climate and paleohydrology of a groundwater-fed pond near St. Louis, Missouri Brandon Curry and Denis Delorme 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-C 100 Years of Pb Deposition and Transport in Soils in Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A. Yanhong Zhang 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-B Mercury in Illinois coals : abundance, forms, and environmental effects Ilham Demir 2003 $5.00


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