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RPR1992-K Tracking forms of sulfur in coal research using natural 34S/32S ratios K. C. Hackley, C. L. Liu, D. D. Coleman, and C. W. Kruse 1992 $5.00
RPR1992-L Genesis and continuity of Quaternary sand and gravel in glacigenic sediment at a proposed low-level radioactive waste disposal site in east-central Illinois Kathy Goetz Troost and B. Brandon Curry 1992 $5.00
RPR1992-M Removal of chlorine from an Illinois coal by wet-grinding and water-leaching C.-L. Chou 1992 $5.00
RPR1992-N The last interglacial-glacial transition in Illinois : 123-25 ka B. Brandon Curry and Leon R. Follmer 1992 $5.00
RPR1992-O Environmental geology and early contributions by Fritiof Fryxell Robert E. Bergstrom 1992 $5.00
RPR1992-P Evolution of volatile sulfur compounds during temperature-programmed pyrolysis-combustion with a quadrupole gas analyzer K. C. Hackley and C.-L. Chou 1992 $5.00
RPR1993-A Pre-oxidation and perchloroethylene (PCE) desulfurization of Illinois coals M.-I. M. Chou, J. M. Lytle, R. R. Ruch, C. W. Kruse, and C. Chaven 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-B The cyclothemic concept in the Illinois Basin: a review Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr. W. John Nelson 1992 $5.00
RPR1993-C Designing a stratigraphic database: an example from the coal section of the Illinois State Geological Survey Colin Treworgy 1992 $5.00
RPR1993-D Late Wisconsinan and Holocene evolution of the southern shore of Lake Michigan Michael J. Chrzastowski and Todd A. Thompson 1992 $5.00
RPR1993-E Three-dimensional movements associated with longwall mine subsidence in Illinois Dan J. Van Roosendaal, Brenda B. Mehnert, Joseph T. Kelleher, Christine E. Ovanic 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-F Fluctuations of the Lake Michigan lobe during the late Wisconsin subepisode Ardith K. Hansel and W. Hilton Johnson 1992 $5.00
RPR1993-G SEM-EDX and isotope characterization of the organic sulfur in macerals and chars in Illinois Basin coals Ilham Demir, Richard D. Harvey and Keith C. Hackley 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-H Role of littoral drift in the evolution of the Illinois coast of Lake Michigan Michael J. Chrzastowski 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-I Notes on the determination of ASTM coal rank Arthur P. Hoeft, Richard D. Harvey, and James A. Luppens 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-J Determination of hydraulic conductivity tensor using a nonlinear least squares estimator M. Heidari and P. C. Heigold 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-K Sorption of cadmium and lead by clays from municipal incinerator ash-water suspensions W. R. Roy, I. G. Krapac, and J. D. Steele 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-L Economics of utilization of high sulfur coal resources--an integrated market approach S. B. Bhagwat 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-M What influenced the price of crude oil in the U.S.?--an analysis of the 1971-1990 period Subhash B. Bhagwat 1993 $5.00
RPR1993-N 3D model identifies unswept oil in Illinois's King field Hannes E. Leetaru 1993 $5.00


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