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RPR1988-F Fluvial-deltaic deposits (Caseyville and Abbott Formations) of early Pennsylvanian age exposed along the Pounds Escarpment, southern Illinois Russell J. Jacobson 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-G Horseshoe Quarry, Shawneetown fault zone, Illinois by W. John Nelson 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-H Size and maceral association of pyrite in Illinois coals and their float-sink fractions Richard D. Harvey and Philip J. DeMaris 1987 $5.00
RPR1988-I Illinois : description of coal seams Heinz H. Damberger 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-J Origin of clay minerals in Pennsylvanian strata of the Illinois Basin Randall E. Hughes, Philip J. DeMaris, W. Arthur White, and Douglas K. Cowin 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-K Organic geochemistry of ten samples of Anna and Energy Shale members of the Carbondale Formation (Pennsylvanian), Illinois Basin Mei-In M. Chou, C.-L. Chou, and R. A. Allen 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-L Ramp-platform model for Silurian pinnacle reef distribution in the Illinois basin by Stephen T. Whitaker 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-M Coal deposits of the United States Nelson, W. John 1987 Out of print
RPR1988-N Flash pyrolysis of coal, coal maceral, and coal-derived pyrite with on-line characterization of volatile sulfur compounds Mei-In M. Chou, Michael A. Lake and Robert A. Griffin 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-O Changes in volatile organic chemical concentration after purging slowly recovering wells Beverly L. Herzog, Sheng-Fu J. Chou, John R. Valkenburg, and Robert A. Griffin. 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-P Engineering geology investigations of a hazardous-waste landfill in west central Illinois, USA Christopher Stohr, Wen-June Su, Leon Follmer, Paul DuMontelle, and Robert A. Griffin 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-Q Mapping soil thermal properties in Illinois, USA. T.H. Larson 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-R Infiltration through layered-soil trench covers : response to an extended period of rainfall T. H. Larson, D. A. Keefer, K. A. Albrecht, and K. Cartwright 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-S The Illinois Basin Ultradeep Drillhole (IBUD) : a part of a plan for future continental scientific drilling by Morris W. Leighton, J. James Eidel and Paul C. Heigold 1988 $5.00
RPR1989-A Illinois Basin Coal Sample Program : status and sample characterization Richard D. Harvey and Carl W. Kruse 1989 Out of print
RPR1989-B Infiltration and hydraulic conductivity of a compacted earthen liner K. A. Albrecht and K. Cartwright 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-C Investigation of failure machanisms and migration of organic chemicals at Wilsonville, Illinois B. L. Herzog, R. A. Griffin, C. J. Stohr, L. R. Follmer, W. J. Morse, and W. J. Su 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-D Froth flotation of coal fines from Illinois coal mine effluent L. A. Khan, J. W. Baxter, R. Rice 1989 Out of print
RPR1989-E Recovery of coal from effluent of two operating mines L. A. Khan, J. W. Baxter, and R. J. Rice 1989 Out of print
RPR1989-F Economics and environmental costs/benefits of secondary fine coal recovery--an Illinois case study Subhash B. Bhagwat ... [et al.] 1989 $5.00


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