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RPR1986-K Mineral matter in Illinois and other U.S. coals Richard D. Harvey and Rodney R. Ruch 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-L Urban en[c]roachment on dolomite resources of the Chicago area, Illinois Donald G. Mikulic and Jonathan H. Goodwin 1985 $5.00
RPR1986-M Recovery of fine grained quartz sand and kaolin from abandoned sand washing tailing ponds--a feasibility study L. A. Khan, S. B. Bhagwat, J. W. Baxter, and D. J. Berggren 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-N Factors affecting comminution of clay particles in a vibrating bead grinder L. A. Khan, R. E. Hughes, D. J. Berggren, and J. W. Baxter 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-O Evaluating the feasibility of secondary recovery of coal from mine wastes L. A. Khan and J. W. Baxter 1985 $5.00
RPR1986-P Coal research: A continuing need Neil F. Shimp 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-Q Hydraulic conductivity at a hazardous waste disposal site: Comparison of laboratory and field-determined values Beverly L. Herzog and Walter J. Morse 1986 $5.00
RPR1986-R Surficial geology and soils of the Rhoads archeological site near Lincoln, Illinois Leon R. Follmer 1986 $5.00
RPR1986-S Economic feasibility of recovering fines from waste streams of mineral processing plants L. A. Khan, S. B. Bhagwat, and J. W. Baxter 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-T Magnetic anomaly of a single steel drum--field profiles and theoretical models R. H. Gilkeson and D. E. Laymon 1986 Out of print
RPR1986-U The United States fluorspar industry in a cost/price crunch S.B. Bhagwat 1986 $5.00
RPR1986-V Domestic utilization of high sulfur coals: Trends and prospects Subhash B. Bhagwat 1986 $5.00
RPR1986-W Using a relational data-base management system to help determine causes of damage to structures in Illinois Susan Carol Bradford, Paul B. DuMontelle, Robert A. Bauer, and R. Douglas Evans 1986 $5.00
RPR1987-A Provenance of Late Wisconsinan (Woodfordian) till and origin of the Decatur Sublobe W. Hilton Johnson, David W. Moore and E. Donald McKay III 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-B Economics of secondary recovery of coal L. A. Khan, S. B. Bhagwat, and J. W. Baxter 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-C Geographic information systems: a computer technology for the coal industry C. G. Treworgy and M. H. Bargh 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-D Structural and depositional history of the Pennsylvanian System in Illinois C. Brian Trask and James E. Palmer 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-E Structure and dynamics of a Pennsylvanian-age lepidodendron forest: Colonizers of a disturbed swamp habitat in the Herrin (No. 6) Coal of Illinois William A. DiMichele and Philip J. DeMaris 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-F Contact microradiography of conodont assemblages R. D. Norby and M. J. Avcin 1986 Out of print
RPR1987-G Thrust faults in southern Illinois Basin result of contemporary stress? W. John Nelson and Robert A. Bauer 1987 Out of print


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