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RPR1981-I Correlation of natural gas content to iron species in the New Albany Shale Group Richard H. Shiley, Robert M. Cluff, Donald R. Dickerson, Conrad C. Hinckley, Gerard V. Smith, Helena Twardowska, and Mykola Saporoschenko 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-J Halogenated benzene radical cations and ground state degeneracy splitting by asymmetric substitution V. E. Bondybey, C. R. Vaughn, Terry A. Miller, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-K Bertrandite at Hicks Dome, Hardin County, Illinois James W. Baxter and J. C. Bradbury 1980 $5.00
RPR1981-L Tube cracker for opening samples sealed in glass tubing Dennis D. Coleman 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-M High-calcium, high-reflectance limestone resources of Illinois Jonathan H. Goodwin and James W. Baxter 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-N Evaluating the saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soils Atef Elzeftawy and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-O Illinois State Geological Survey radiocarbon dates VII Chao-Li Liu and Dennis D. Coleman 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-P Desirable characteristics of a state-wide evaluation of coal resources C. G. Treworgy, H. H. Damberger, and J. E. Palmer 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-Q The Kankakee River yesterday and today J. Loreena Ivens, Nani G. Bhowmik, Allison R. Brigham, and David L. Gross 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-R Geological considerations in hazardous-waste disposal K. Cartwright, R. H. Gilkeson, and T. M. Johnson 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-A Spectroscopy and decay dynamics of several methyl- and fluorine-substituted benzene radical cations V. E. Bondybey, C. Vaughn, Terry A. Miller, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-B Analysis of rock stress around a liquid waste injection system in Illinois Manoutchehr Heidari and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-C Relation of process mineralogy to energy issues Jack A. Simon 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-D Ne matrix spectra of the sym-C6Br3F3+ radical cation V. E. Bondybey, T. J. Sears, Terry A. Miller, C. Vaughn, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-E Selection of waste disposal sites Keros Cartwright 1982 $5.00
RPR1982-F A new look at deep-minable coal resources of Illinois Colin G. Treworgy 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-G The application of surface geophysical methods in monitoring network design Robert H. Gilkeson and Keros Cartwright 1982 Out of print
RPR1982-H The geomorphology of the Sangamon surface: its spatial and temporal attributes Leon R. Follmer 1982 Out of print
RPR1983-A Cost of surface mining coal in Illinois Subhash B. Bhagwat 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-B Pyridine radical cation and its fluorine substituted derivatives V. E. Bondybey, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1982 $5.00


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