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RI101 Illinois mineral industry in 1943 Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1944 Out of print
RI102 The bonding action of clays. Part I: Clays in green molding sands Ralph E. Grim and F. Leicester Cuthbert 1945 Out of print
RI103 Some clay-water properties of certain clay minerals R. E. Grim and F. L. Cuthbert 1945 Out of print
RI104 Illinois surface clays as bonding clays for molding sands : an exploratory study R. M. Grogan and J. E. Lamar 1945 Out of print
RI105 Subsurface relations of the Maquoketa and "Trenton" formations in Illinois. Petroleum possibilities of Maquoketa and "Trenton" in Illinois. E. P. Du Bois and Carl A. Bays 1945 Out of print
RI106 A major buried valley in east-central Illinois and its regional relationships Leland Horberg 1945 Out of print
RI107 Coke from Illinois coals : an experimental slot-type oven Frank H. Reed, Harold W. Jackman, and P. W. Henline 1945 Out of print
RI108 Molecular associations between montmorillonite and some polyfunctional organic liquids W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print
RI109 Illinois mineral industry in 1944 Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1945 Out of print
RI110 The bonding action of clays. Part II: clays in dry molding sands by Ralph E. Grim and F. Leicester Cuthbert 1946 Out of print
RI111 Viscosity studies of system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2:1, 40% SiO2 J. S. Machin and D. L. Hanna 1945 Out of print
RI112 Rosiclare-Fredonia contact in and adjacent to Hardin and Pope Counties, Illinois Frank E. Tippie 1945 Out of print
RI113 Kinkaid corals from Illinois, and Amplexoid corals from the Chester of Illinois and Arkansas Wm. H. Easton 1945 Out of print
RI114 Marine pool, Madison County : a new type of oil reservoir in Illinois H. A. Lowenstam and E. P. DuBois 1946 Buy
RI115 Diagnostic criteria for clay minerals W. F. Bradley 1946 Out of print
RI116 Geological aspects of prospecting and areas for prospecting in the zinc-lead district of northwestern Illinois H. B. Willman, R. R. Reynolds, and Paul Herbert, Jr. 1946 Out of print
RI117 Southern Illinois novaculite and novaculite gravel for making silica refractories C. W. Parmelee and C. G. Harman 1946 Buy
RI118 Preglacial erosion surfaces in Illinois Leland Horberg 1946 Out of print
RI119 King oil field, Jefferson County, Illinois Stewart H. Folk and David H. Swann 1946 Out of print
RI120 Correlation of domestic stoker combustion with laboratory tests and types of fuels : II. Combustion tests and preparation studies of representative Illinois coals Roy J. Henfinstine and Charles C. Boyey 1946 Out of print


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