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B011 Physical features of the Des Plaines Valley James Walter Goldthwait 1909 Out of print
B010 Mineral content of Illinois waters Edward Bartow, J. A. Udden, S. W. Parr and George T. Palmer 1909 Out of print
C-005 1909 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1908 R. S. Blatchley 1909 Out of Print
B009 Paving brick and paving brick clays of Illinois C. W. Rolfe, R. C. Purdy, A. N. Talbot and I. O. Baker 1908 Out of print
B008 Year-book for 1907 Illinois State Geological Survey 1908 Report: Out of print; Map $6.00
B007 Physical geography of the Evanston-Waukegan region Wallace W. Atwood and James Walter Goldthwait 1908 Out of print
C-003 1908 State of Illinois Geological Survey (Annual Report) H. Foster Bain 1908 Out of Print
C-004 1908 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1907 F. B. Van Horn 1908 Out of Print
B006 The geological map of Illinois -- 2nd edition Stuart Weller 1907 Report: Out of print; Plate 1 $6.00
B005 Water resources of the East St. Louis district Isaiah Bowman ; assisted Chester Albert Reeds 1907 Out of print
B004 Year-book for 1906. Illinois State Geological Survey 1907 Out of Print
C-002 1907 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1906 F.B. Van Horn 1907 Out of Print
B003 Composition and character of Illinois coals S. W. Parr; Distribution of the Coal Beds of the State / A. Bement; Tests of Illinois Coals under Steam Boilers / L. P. Breckenridge 1906 Out of print
B002 The petroleum industry of southeastern Illinois W. S. Blatchley 1906 Out of print
B001 The geological map of Illinois by Stuart Weller 1906 Out of print
C-001 1906 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1905 F.B. Van Horn 1906 Out of Print
W-Economical Geology of Illinois Economical Geology of Illinois Amos H. Worthern et. al. 1882 Out of print
W-Map Geological Map of the State of Illinois A.H. Worthen 1875 Out of print
W-Geological Survey of Illinois Geological Survey of Illinois A. H. Worthen et. al. 1862-1890 Out of print
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