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IPGMMadisonCountySG Surficial Geology of Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Andrew C. Phillips 2006 Buy
FTCaveinRock2006 Wayne T. Frankie and Russell J. Jacobson 2006 Buy
IGQGrantforkSG Surficial Geology of Grantfork Quadrangle, Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Andrew C. Phillips 2006 buy
IPGMRockwoodBG Bedrock Geology of Rockwood Quadrangle, Randolph and Jackson Counties, Illinois and Perry County, Missouri Russell J. Jacobson, John D. McLeod, and Dewey H. Amos 2005 Buy
ANR2005 Revealing the Past, Discovering the Future : Illinois State Geological Survey annual report 2005 Illinois State Geological Survey 2005 NA
IPGMGrantforkSG Surficial Geology of Grantfork Quadrangle, Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Andrew C. Phillips 2005 Out-of-Print
OFS2005-8 The White cliffs of Ottawa : the St. Peter Sandstone and North America's largest silica production facility S. K. Keith and T. J. Kemmis 2005 Buy
OFS2005-5 A progress report on the description of the geology and chemical composition of soils in Illinois: Cores 127 through 137 Gary B. Dreher and Leon R. Follmer 2005 Buy
IGQPaducahNEBG Bedrock Geology of Paducah NE Quadrangle, Massac and Pope Counties, Illinois F. Brett Denny and W. John Nelson 2005 buy
IPGMAntiochDO 1998-1999 Digital Orthophotography of Antioch Quadrangle, Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin Donald E. Luman 2005 Buy
COOP020 Illinois' statewide monitoring well network for pesticides in shallow groundwater - network development and initial sampling results E. Mehnert, W.S. Dey, D.A. Keefer, H.A. Wehrmann, S.D. Wilson, C. Ray 2005 Buy
IPGMKaneQAI Interim Map of Major Quaternary Aquifers : Kane County, Illinois W. S. Dey, A. M. Davis, J. C. Sieving, B. B. Curry, and C. C. Abert 2005 Out-of-print
IPGMWillisvilleBG Bedrock Geology of Willisville Quadrangle, Jackson, Perry, and Randolph Counties, Illinois W. John Nelson 2005 Buy
IGQBethaltoSG Surficial Geology of Bethalto Quadrangle, Madison and Macoupin Counties, Illinois David A. Grimley 2005 buy
C565 Geomorphic history of the Rock River, south-central Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois Richard C. Anderson 2005 Buy
IGQSpringBayDT Drift Thickness Map of Spring Bay Quadrangle, Peoria and Woodford Counties, Illinois C. Pius Weibel and Andrew J. Stumpf 2005 buy
OFS2005-11 Cahokia potential wetland compensation site: Level II hydrogeologic characterization report (former Tiernan property) St. Clair County, Illinois Bonnie J. Robinson 2005 Buy
SP Starved Rock Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks Illinois State Geological Survey 2005 Buy
IPGMOravillleBG Bedrock Geology of Oraville Quadrangle, Jackson County, Illinois Laura M. Williams, Joseph A. Devera, James R. Staub 2005 Buy
IPGMAvaBG Bedrock Geology of Ava Quadrangle, Jackson and Perry Counties, Illinois F. Brett Denny 2005 Buy


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