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IGQColumbiaBT Bedrock Topography of Columbia Quadrangle, Monroe and St. Clair Counties, Illinois Samuel V. Panno, Julie C. Angel, David A. Grimley, C. Pius Weibel, and Barbara J. Still 2008 buy
IPGMFishhookBG Bedrock Geology of Fishhook Quadrangle, Adams, Brown, and Pike Counties, Illinois R.J. Jacobson and Z. Lasemi 2008 Buy
C573 Planned Coal Mine Subsidence in Illinois: A Public Information Booklet Robert A. Bauer 2008 NA
IGQHampshireSG Surficial Geology of Hampshire Quadrangle, DeKalb and Kane Counties, Illinois B.B. Curry 2008 buy
IPGMOakHillSG Surficial Geology of Oak Hill Quadrangle, Peoria County, Illinois Francois Hardy and C. Pius Weibel 2008 Buy
OFS2008-1 Deglacial History and Paleoenvironments of Northeastern Illinois, 54th Midwest Friends of the Pleistocene Field Conference May 16-18, 2008 Brandon Curry 2008 Buy
ANR2008 Traditions in Transition: Annual Report 2008 Illinois State Geological Survey 2008 NA
FTHorseshoeLake Guide to the Geology of the Horseshoe Lake State Conservation Area and Surrounding area, Alexander County, Illinois Wayne T. Frankie, Joseph A. Devera, and Mary Seid 2008 Buy
GES14-rev. Illinois' ice age legacy Myrna M. Killey 2007 (rev) buy
OFS2007-4 Database for Estimating Background and Threshold Nitrate Concentrations Using Probability Graphs S.V. Panno, W.R. Kelly, A.T. Martinsek, and K.C. Hackley 2007 Buy
IGQKarnakG Geology of Karnak Quadrangle, Johnson, Pulaski and Massac Counties, Illinois W.J. Nelson, J. Hintz 2007 buy
SPR004 Four Months a Prisoner of War in 1945 Jack A. Simon, compiled by Dick Harvey and Paul DuMontelle 2007 Free + shipping
IPGMVergennesBG Bedrock Geology of Vergennes Quadrangle, Perry and Jackson Counties, Illinois Russell J. Jacobson and F. Brett Denny 2007 Buy
C571 The late-glacial and early holocene geology, paleoecology, and paleohydrology of the Brewster Creek site, a proposed wetland restoration site, Pratt's Wayne Woods Forest Preserve, and James "Pate" Philip State Park, Bartlett, Illinois B. Brandon Curry, Eric C. Grimm, Jennifer E. Slate, Barbara C.S. Hansen, and Michael E. Konen 2007 Buy
ICGMKaneAS Aquifer Sensitivity to Contamination, Kane County, Illinois William S. Dey, Alec M. Davis, and B. Brandon Curry 2007 Buy
OFS2007-7 Kane County water resources investigations : final report on geologic investigations William S. Dey, Alec M. Davis, B. Brandon Curry, Donald A. Keefer, Curt C. Abert 2007 Buy
IGQCrabOrchardBG Bedrock Geology of Crab Orchard Quadrangle, Williamson County, Illinois W.J. Nelson 2007 buy
IGQOakHillBT Bedrock Topography of Oak Hill Quadrangle, Peoria County, Illinois C. Pius Weibel and Francois Hardy 2007 buy
IPGMLaconSG Surficial geology of Lacon Quadrangle, Marshall County, Illinois E.D. McKay, III, R.C. Berg, A.J. Stumpf, C.P. Weibel 2007 Buy
FTMoraineHills Guide to the Geology of Moraine Hills, Glacial Park, and Volo Bog Areas, McHenry and Lake Counties, Illinois Wayne T. Frankie, James J. Miner, Steven E. Benton, Geoffrey E. Pociask, Eric T. Plankell, Andrew J. Stumpf, Russell J. Jacobson 2007 Buy


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