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C062 Progress report on the investigation of the properties of Illinois shales and clays as mortar mix R. K. Hursh, J. E. Lamar, and R. E. Grim 1940 Out of print
RI062 Mississippian border of eastern interior basin J. Marvin Weller, A. H. Sutton 1940 Out of print
RI069 1. Elements of the petrographic study of bonding clays and of the clay substance of molding sands. 2. Mineral composition and texture of clay substance of natural molding sands. 3. The Relationship between the physical and mineralogical characteristics of Ralph E. Grim, Carl E. Schubert, Richards A. Rowland 1940 Out of print
RI071 Geology and oil possibilities of extreme southern Illinois : Union, Johnson, Pope, Hardin, Alexander, Pulaski and Massac Counties J. Marvin Weller 1940 Out of print
RI065 Agricultural limestone resources of Cumberland, Effingham, Clay, Richland, and Jasper Counties R. M. Grogan, J. E. Lamar 1940 Out of print
IP036 Developments in Eastern Interior Basin, in 1939 and first quarter of 1940 Alfred H. Bell 1940 Out of print
C060 Some geological studies presented at the State Academy of Science in 1939. Illinois State Geological Survey 1940 Out of print
RI068 Effect of fluorspar on silicate melts with special reference to mineral wool J. S. Machin and J. F. Vanecek 1940 Out of print
IP039 "Trenton" production in Illinois George V. Cohee 1941 Out of print
C071 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Madison County and western Bond, western Clinton, southern Macoupin, southwestern Montgomery, northern St. Clair, and northwestern Washington Counties, Illinois J. Norman Payne ; with notes on the oil and gas possibilities Alfred H. Bell 1941 Out of print
RI072 Petrographic and ceramic properties of Pennsylvanian shales of Illinois Ralph E. Grim 1941 Out of print
RI075 Contributions to Pennsylvanian paleobotany Mazocarpon oedipternum, sp. nov. and Sigillarian relationships James M. Schopf 1941 Out of print
IP037 Oil and gas developments in Illinois in 1940 Alfred H. Bell and George V. Cohee 1941 Out of print
C066 Mammoth found in Peorian loess near Belleview, Illinois H. B. Willman 1941 Out of print
C069 Geology and its relation to the chemistry teacher George V. Cohee 1941 Out of print
RI073 Moisture relations of banded ingredients in an Illinois coal O. W. Rees, G. W. Land, and F. H. Reed 1941 Out of print
C075 Role of fundamental geologic principles in the opening of the Illinois Basin Alfred H. Bell 1941 Out of print
RI076 Surface structure map of Shelby, Effingham, and Fayette counties William A. Newton. Explanation and summary / J. Marvin Weller and Alfred H. Bell 1941 Buy
IP038 Development in Eastern Interior Basin in 1940 Alfred H. Bell 1941 Out of print
C067 Recent developments in oil and gas in Illinois George V. Cohee 1941 Out of print


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