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C035 Exhumed Ordovician hill near Joliet D. Jerome Fisher 1938 Out of print
C046 Nomenclature of the megascopic description of Illinois coals Gilbert H. Cady 1939 Out of print
C056 Rotary drilling in Illinois George V. Cohee 1939 Out of print
RI054 The market for Illinois oil in 1937 and 1938 Walter H. Voskuil 1939 Out of print
RI060 Preliminary geologic map of the Mississippian formations in the Dongola, Vienna and Brownfield quadrangles Stuart Weller and Frank F. Krey. Explanation and stratigraphic summary / J. Marvin Weller 1939 Out of print
RI057 Fine-grained molding sand resources of northern Illinois: a preliminary investigation H. B. Willman 1939 Out of print
C049 Properties of clay Ralph E. Grim 1939 Out of print
C044 Some problems related to the preparation of Illinois coals L. C. McCabe 1939 Out of print
IP034 Recent development in Illinois with discussion of producing formations below McClosky "sand" Alfred H. Bell and George V. Cohee 1939 Out of print
C054 Some concepts of the relationship between the chemical compositions and structures of clay minerals by W. F. Bradley 1939 Out of print
C052 The mono-nitration of benzotrifluoride G. C. Finger, N. H. Nachtrieb, and F. H. Reed 1939 Out of print
B065 Geology of the Chicago region. Part I. General. Part II. The Pleistocene J Harlen Bretz 1939 Buy
C057 Significant uncertainties in Pennsylvanian correlation in Illinois coal basin Gilbert H. Cady 1939 Out of print
RI055 Effect of preparation on ash fusibility of selected Illinois coals L. C. McCabe, O. W. Rees 1939 Out of print
C047 Agricultural limestone distribution in Illinois in 1938 : preliminary report W. H. Voskuil and G. N. Oliver ; in cooperation with the Mid-West Agricultural Limestone Institute 1939 Out of print
RI058 A study of the equilibration method of determining moisture in coal for classification by rank O. W. Rees, F. H. Reed, G. W. Land 1939 Out of print
C042 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Hamilton, White, Saline, and Gallatin Counties, Illinois, north of Shawneetown fault Gilbert H. Cady ; assisted Earle F. Taylor, Charles C. Boley and others ; with notes on the Oil and gas possibilities / Alfred H. Bell 1939 Out of print
C050 A new cycadophyte and its relatives James M. Schopf 1939 Out of print
C045 Relation of the composition to the properties of clays Ralph E. Grim 1939 Out of print
C055 The New Centralia oil field Alfred H. Bell 1939 Out of print


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