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C016 Research on the state's mineral resources and their utilization. Oil and gas sessions : abstract reports of general session, forum on researches in progress, and symposium on needed researches Mineral Industries Conference of Illinois (4th : 1936: Urbana) 1936 Out of print
IP028 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1935 Alfred H. Bell 1936 Out of print
C022 Correlation problems in the new Illinois Basin fields [Lewis W. Workman, Alfred H. Bell] 1937 Out of print
RI044 The mica in argillaceous sediments R. E. Grim, R. H. Bray, and W. F. Bradley 1937 Out of print
IP029 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1936 Alfred H. Bell 1937 Out of print
C020 Agricultural Limestone Distribution in 1936: Preliminary Report Walter H. Voskuil and W. A. Newton 1937 Out of print
RI047 Decolorization of southern Illinois silica J. S. Machin and F. V. Tooley 1937 Out of print
RI045 Stratigraphic studies of Pennsylvanian outcrops in part of southern Illinois William A. Newton and J. Marvin Weller 1937 Buy
C021 Clay products in Illinois in 1936 : Preliminary report W. A. Newton 1937 Out of print
RI048 Washability characteristics of Illinois coal screenings D. R. Mitchell and L. C. McCabe ; in cooperation with the Engineering Experiment Station, University of Illinois 1937 Out of print
IP030 Illinois Basin J. Marvin Weller and Alfred H. Bell 1937 Out of print
B064 Coke for Illinois coals Gilbert Thiessen with the collaboration of Walter H. Voskuil and Paul E. Grotts ; contribution of the Section of geochemistry 1937 Out of print
C019 Summary list of areas in western, northern, and central Illinois recommended for special investigation as possibly suitable for strip-mining Gilbert H. Cady 1937 Out of print
RI046 Illinois mineral industry in 1936: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review Walter H. Voskuil, Alma R. Sweeny, and W. A. Newton 1937 Out of print
C032 The physiography and surficial geology of the Carlinville Quadrangle, Illinois John R. Ball 1938 Out of print
C040 Kankakee arch in Illinois George E. Ekblaw 1938 Out of print
RI049 A summary of the uses of limestone and dolomite J. E. Lamar and H. B. Willman 1938 Out of print
B059 Fluorspar industry of the United States with special reference to Illinois-Kentucky district Paul Hatmaker and Hubert W. Davis 1938 Buy
IP031 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1937 Alfred H. Bell 1938 Out of print
C025 Systematic water flood may revive older Illinois fields Frederick Squires 1938 Out of print


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