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C006 Agricultural limestone distribution in 1932 W. H. Voskuil 1933 Out of print
RI026 Petrography of the fuller's earth deposits, Olmsted, Illinois : with a brief study of some non-Illinois earths Ralph E. Grim 1933 Out of print
RI029 Electric condenser process for demulsifying oil R. J. Piersol 1933 Out of print
C004 Results of test-drilling of limestone near Morris, Illinois J. E. Lamar and H. B. Willman 1933 Out of print
RI027 Anna "Kaolin" as a new decolorizing agent for edible oils R.J. Piersol, J.E. Lamar and W.H. Voskuil 1933 Out of print
RI030 Oil and gas possibilities of parts of Jersey, Greene, and Madison Counties D. M. Collingwood ; with appended well records compiled and correlated by George E. Ekblaw and L. E. Workman 1933 Out of print
C005 Clay products industry in Illinois in 1932 : preliminary report W. H. Voskuil 1933 Out of print
RI024 Progress report on the study of southern Illinois silica as a pottery material C. W. Parmelee 1933 Out of print
C008 Agricultural limestone distribution in 1933 W. H. Voskuil 1934 Out of print
B061 Rock wool from Illinois mineral resources J. E. Lamar and H. B. Willman ; Chemistry / Charles F. Fryling ; Mineral economics / Walter H. Voskuil 1934 Out of print
RI036 Illinois mineral industry in 1933: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review W. H. Voskuil and Alma R. Sweeny 1934 Out of print
IP025 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1933 Alfred H. Bell 1934 Out of print
RI032 Contributions to the study of coal: A proposed simplification of the Parr Unit coal formula, Ash-to-mineral matter correction in coal analyses, Unit coal as a basis of coal standardization as applied to Illinois coals, Studies of the graphical methods of Gilbert Thiessen, G.H. Cady, O.W Rees, Frank H. Reed 1934 Out of print
C007 Display of promising interior and exterior building stones of northern and western Illinois W. H. Voskuil and W. A. Newton : in cooperation with the Mid-West Agricultural Limestone Institute 1934 Out of print
RI034 Contributions to the study of coal: Banded ingredients of no. 6 coal and their heating values as related to washability characteristics, and, Preliminary report on unit coal-specific gravity curves of Illinois coals L. C. McCabe, D. R. Mitchell and G. H. Cady 1934 Out of print
RI039 Illinois mineral industry in 1934: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review W. H. Voskuil and Alma R. Sweeny 1935 Out of print
C011 Abstracts of papers dealing with clay and clay products, presented at the third annual Mineral Industries Conference of Illinois, May 17-18, 1935. Mineral Industries Conference of Illinois (3rd : 1935 : Urbana) 1935 Out of print
RI037 Briquetting Illinois coals without a binder by impact: second report of a laboratory investigation R. J. Piersol 1935 Out of print
C009 Agricultural limestone distribution in 1934 W. H. Voskuil 1935 Out of print
B062 Classification and selection of Illinois coals Gilbert H. Cady 1935 Buy


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