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OFS1993-10e Thickness of Quaternary deposits, north-central Lake County Matthew M. Riggs, Curtis A. Abert, Melisa M. McLean, Robert J. Krumm, and E. Donald McKay 1993 $5.00
OFS2003-6b Thickness of Quaternary deposits of Tazewell County, Illinois Patrick D. Johnstone 2003 $10.50
OFS1997-13c Thickness of Quaternary deposits of Carroll County, Illinois Christopher S. McGarry 1997 $12.00
OFS1995-13c Thickness of Quaternary deposits in Will and southern Cook Counties, Illinois Melisa M. McLean and Edward C. Smith 1995 $12.00
OFS1997-1e Thickness of Quaternary deposits in McLean County, Illinois Melisa M. McLean, Maureen D. Kelly and Matthew H. Riggs 1997 $10.50
OFS1999-1g Thickness of Quaternary deposits in Lee County, Illinois Renee J. Nagy 1999 $12.00
RPR1961-H Thermal stability of titanium oxyfluoride J. S. Machin and D. L. Deadmore 1961 Out of print
RPR1968-E Thermal prospecting for ground water Keros Cartwright 1968 Out of print
RPR1987-V Thermal measurement of soils using a multineedle probe with a pulsed-point source. T.H. Larson 1988 Out of print
C415 Thermal expansion of certain Illinois limestones and dolomites Richard D. Harvey 1967 $5.00
IM024 Thermal expansion of certain Illinois limestones Richard D. Harvey 1966 Out of print
RPR1973-K Thermal conductivity of carbonate rocks Josephus Thomas, Jr., Robert R. Frost, and Richard D. Harvey 1973 Out of print
FTThebes Thebes Area : Alexander County, Jonesboro and Thebes Quadrangles, Geological Science Field Trip William Cote, David L. Reinertsen, Myrna M. Killey 1968 Buy
RPR1991-Q The youngest carpoid : occurrence, affinities, and life mode of a Pennsylvanian (Morrowan) mitrate from Oklahoma Dennis R. Kolata, Terrence J. Frest, and Royal H. Mapes 1991 $5.00
OFS2005-8 The white cliffs of Ottawa : the St. Peter Sandstone and North America's largest silica production facility S. K. Keith and T. J. Kemmis 2005 $18.50
C509 The Wabash Valley Fault System in southeastern Illinois Hubert M. Bristol and Janis D. Treworgy 1979 $5.00
RPR1966-D The vaterite-type ABO3 rare-earth borates W. F. Bradley, D. L. Graf, and R. S. Roth 1966 Out of print
GB038 The Upper Mississippi Valley Lead-Zinc District Revisited: Mining History, Geology, Reclamation, and Environmental Issues Thirty Years after the Last Mine Closed Bruce A. Brown, Thomas C. Hunt, David M. Johnson, Daniel D. Reid 2009 $12.00
RPR1986-U The United States fluorspar industry in a cost/price crunch S.B. Bhagwat 1986 $5.00
EG064 The U.S. energy dilemma : the gap between today's requirements and tomorrow's potential Hubert E. Risser 1973 Out of print


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