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RPR1991-T05 Tippecanoe I subsequence: Middle and Upper Ordovician series Dennis R. Kolata, M. C. Noger 1991 $5.00
RPR1986-F Timing and development of mineralized veins during diagenesis in coal beds James C. Cobb 1985 $5.00
SP Starved Rock Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks Illinois State Geological Survey 2005 $12.00
RPR1974-H Time as a factor in thermal metamorphism of phytoclasts (coaly particles) Neely H. Bostick 1973 Out of print
RPR1972-I Till stratigraphy of the Danville region, east-central Illinois W. Hilton Johnson, David L. Gross, and Stephen R. Moran 1971 Out of print
RPR1987-G Thrust faults in southern Illinois Basin result of contemporary stress? W. John Nelson and Robert A. Bauer 1987 Out of print
RPR1992-E Thrust faults in southern Illinois basin : Result of contemporary stress? W. John Nelson, Robert A. Bauer 1992 $5.00
RPR1993-E Three-dimensional movements associated with longwall mine subsidence in Illinois Dan J. Van Roosendaal, Brenda B. Mehnert, Joseph T. Kelleher, Christine E. Ovanic 1993 $5.00
IPGMAntioch3D Three-dimensional Model: Surficial Geology of Antioch Quadrangle, Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin Ardith K. Hansel 2005 $12.50
OFS2018-1 Three-dimensional geological mapping: Workshop extended abstracts Richard C. Berg, Kelsey MacCormack, Hazen A.J. Russell, L. Harvey Thorleifson 2018 Buy
OFS2009-4 Three-dimensional geological mapping : workshop extended abstracts, 2009 annual meeting, Geological Society of America, Portland, Oregon -- October 17, 2009 Richard C. Berg, Hazen A.J. Russell, L. Harvey Thorleifson 2009 $15.00
B106 Three-dimensional geological mapping : a pilot program for resource and environmental assessment in the Villa Grove Quadrangle, Douglas County, Illinois Zakaria Lasemi and Richard C. Berg, editors 2001 $10.00
ICGMKane3D Three-dimensional geologic model, Kane County, Illinois Curt C. Abert, William S. Dey, Alec M. Davis, and B. Brandon Curry 2007 $7.50
MISCMAP-I2669 Three-dimensional geologic maps of Quaternary sediments in east-central Illinois D. Soller, S. Price, J. Kempton and R. Berg 1999 $14.00
RPR1984-K Three-dimensional geologic mapping: A basis for hydrogeologic and land-use evaluations John P. Kempton and Keros Cartwright 1984 $5.00
OFS2004-8 Three-dimensional geologic mapping for groundwater applications: workshop extended abstracts Richard C. Berg, Hazen Russell, L. Harvey Thorleifson, convenors 2004 $15.00
EG100 Three-dimensional geologic mapping for environmental studies in Illinois John P. Kempton 1981 $5.00
C255 Three ostracode faunas from lower and middle Mississippian strata in southern Illinois Richard H. Benson, Charles Collinson 1958 Buy
RPR1962-C Three new condonts from the Louisiana Limestone (Upper Devonian) of western Illinois Alan J. Scott 1961 Out of print
OFS1993-9c Thickness of Quaternary deposits, southern Will County Curtis C. Abert, Robert J. Krumm, Matthew H. Riggs, Melisa M. McLean, and E. Donald McKay 1993 $5.00


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