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C339 Shape and distribution patterns of Pennsylvanian sand bodies in Illinois Paul Edwin Potter 1962 Out of print
CG1989-01 Shallow groundwater resources assessment for the village of Montgomery, Illinois Stephen S. McFadden, Craig R. Gendron, and Faith A. Stanke 1989 Buy
IM009 Shales as source material for synthetic lightweight aggregate W. Arthur White 1959 Out of print
OFS1999-1c Shaded relief of Lee County, Illinois Renee J. Nagy 1999 Buy
OFS2000-6 Shaded relief of Kane County, Illinois compiled by Christopher S. McGarry 2000 Buy
OFS1997-13f Shaded relief of Carroll County, Illinois Christopher S. McGarry 1997 Buy
OFS2003-6f Shaded relief map of Tazewell County, Illinois Patrick D. Johnstone and Christopher S. McGarry 2003 Buy
OFS2000-8f Shaded relief map of land surface, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Matthew H. Riggs, Scott Medlin, and Christopher S. McGarry 2000 Out-of-Print
IMAP006 Shaded relief map of Illinois Curtis C. Abert 1996 Buy
OFS1995-6 Shaded relief map of Illinois Curtis C. Abert 1995 Buy
OFS2000-8g Shaded relief map of bedrock surface, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Christopher S. McGarry and Matthew H. Riggs 2000 Buy
OFS2012-2 Sequestration and Enhanced Coal Bed Methane: Tanquary Farms Test Site, Wabash County, Illinois Scott M. Frailey, David G. Morse, Ivan G. Krapac and Ray W. McKaskle 2012 Buy
B107 Sequence stratigraphy of the Lower Chesterian (Mississippian) strata of the Illinois Basin W. John Nelson, Langhorne B. Smith, Janis D. Treworgy, contributions by Lloyd C. Furer and Brian D. Keith 2002 Buy
EG017 Selection of refuse disposal sites in northeastern Illinois George M. Hughes 1967 Buy
IM047 Selected and annotated list of industrial minerals publications of the Illinois State Geological Survey compiled by J. E. Lamar 1972 Out of print
EG133 Seismicity of Illinois Paul C. Heigold and Timothy Larson 1990 Buy
IP151 Seismic stratigraphy, a technique for improved oil recovery planning at King Field, Jefferson County, Illinois Hannes E. Leetaru 1996 Buy
EG136 Seismic reflection and seismic refraction surveying in northeastern Illinois Paul C. Heigold 1990 Buy
IP157 Sedimentology, diagenesis and trapping style, Mississippian Tar Springs Sandstone, Inman East Consolidated Field, Gallatin County, Illinois David G. Morse 2001 Buy
EG063 Sedimentology of a beach ridge complex and its significance in land-use planning Norman C. Hester and Gordon S. Fraser 1973 Buy


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