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C060 Some geological studies presented at the State Academy of Science in 1939. Illinois State Geological Survey 1940 Out of print
RI042 Some geological relations between the constitution of soil materials and highway construction George E. Ekblaw and Ralph E. Grim 1936 Out of print
C463 Some fern-like fructifications and their spores from the Mazon Creek compression flora of Illinois (Pennsylvanian) H. W. Pfefferkorn, R. A. Peppers, T. L. Phillips 1971 Out of print
RI190 Some experimental factors that modify differential thermograms of bituminous coal Kenneth E. Clegg 1955 Out of print
C358 Some economic aspects of the Illinois oil industry W. H. Voskuil, Hubert E. Risser 1963 Out of print
B024 Some deep borings in Illinois J. A. Udden 1914 Report Out of print
C054 Some concepts of the relationship between the chemical compositions and structures of clay minerals by W. F. Bradley 1939 Out of print
RI103 Some clay-water properties of certain clay minerals R. E. Grim and F. L. Cuthbert 1945 Out of print
C144 Some Chester outcrop and subsurface sections in southeastern Illinois Elwood Atherton. Unusual oolite grains from the Ste. Genevieve limestone / Raymond S. Shrode 1948 Out of print
B068 Some addresses and paper presented on the occasion of the dedication of the State Natural Resources Building, November 15, 1940, and the Illinois Mineral Industries Conference, November 14-16, 1940. Illinois State Geological Survey 1940 Out of print
C288 Solvent extract and the plastic properties of coal E. D. Pierron, O. W. Rees 1960 Out of print
C329 Solid state reactions of CaF2 with oxides in the presence of water vapor D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1962 Out of print
IPGMVincennesS Soils of Vincennes Quadrangle, Lawrence County, Illinois and Knox County, Indiana U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Illinois State Geological Survey 2004 Buy
IGQSpringBaySPM Soils and Parent Materials of Spring Bay Quadrangle, Peoria and Woodford Counties, Illinois Andrew J. Stumpf and C. Pius Weibel 2004 buy
IGQOakHillSPM Soils and Parent Materials of Oak Hill Quadrangle C. Pius Weibel and Francois Hardy 2009 buy
IGQDunlapSPM Soils and Parent Materials of Dunlap Quadrangle, Peoria County, Illinois C. Pius Weibel and Francois Hardy 2009 buy
EG104 Soil, clay, and caustic soda effects on solubility, sorption, and mobility of hexachlorocyclopentadiene S. F. Joseph Chou, Robert A. Griffin 1983 Buy
IMAP021 Soil parent materials of the middle Illinois River valley, Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, and Woodford Counties, Illinois Richard C. Berg, Barbara J. Stiff, and E. Donald McKay III 2015 Buy
OFS1990-2f Soil drainage characteristics of Kane County Mary R. Greenpool; with contributions by: Anne L. Erdmann, Pamela J. Zukoski 1990 Buy
MISCMAPCUSEC Soil amplification/liquefaction potential map: showing areas of relative potential for shaking and/or liquefaction from earthquakes Central United States Earthquake Consortium and U.S. Geological Survey 1999 NA


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