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C249 Stratigraphic policy of the Illinois State Geological Survey H. B. Willman, David H. Swann, John C. Frye 1958 Out of print
IP149 Stratigraphic framework and environments of deposition of the Cypress Formation in the outcrop belt of southern Illinois Robert D. Cole, W. John Nelson 1995 Buy
C539 Stratigraphic correlations of the Seelyville, Dekoven, and Davis coals of Illinois, Indiana, and western Kentucky R. J. Jacobson 1987 Buy
C596 Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Characterization of the Silurian Racine Formation, Forsyth Oil Field, Macon County, Central Illinois Yaghoob Lasemi 2018 Buy
OFS1994-6 Stratigraphic and structural framework along the 11:30 o'clock cross section in the Illinois Basin : Wayne County, Illinois, to Stephenson County, Illinois Janis D. Treworgy, Stephen T. Whitaker, and Zakaria Lasemi 1994 Buy
RI185 Stratigraphic and sedimentologic aspects of the Lemont drift of northeastern Illinois Leland Horberg and Paul Edwin Potter 1955 Out of print
IP143 Strategies for improved oil recovery from Aux Vases reservoirs in McCreery and McCullum waterflood units, Dale Consolidated Field, Franklin County, Illinois Emmanuel O. Udegbunam, D. Scott Beaty, and Joseph P. Fagen, Jr. 1993 Buy
FTStockton Stockton area, Jo Daviess County : Elizabeth and Lena 15-minute quadrangles David L. Reinertsen, Dwain J. Berggren, and Myrna M. Killey 1972 Buy
C274 Stockpiling Illinois coal for coke H. W. Jackman, R. L. Eissler, R. J. Helfinstine 1959 Out of print
C579 Stereophotographic Measurement of Joint and Bedding Orientation at Thornton Quarry, Illinois Christopher J. Stohr, Justine Petras, Donald G. Mikulic, Jason Thomason 2011 Buy
CG1985-03 Ste. Genevieve fault zone, Missouri and Illinois W. John Nelson and Donald K. Lumm ; contributions by Howard R. Schwalb 1985 Buy
C079 Status of the carbon-ratio theory in Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1942 Out of print
OFS2014-1 Statistical Comparison fo Gamma Logs Between the Gearhart-Owen Mineral Logging System and the Mount Sopris System Christopher Stohr 2014 Buy
MCResource Statewide Coal Resource Maps Illinois State Geological Survey current NA
C-003 1908 State of Illinois Geological Survey (Annual Report) H. Foster Bain 1908 Out of Print
OFS2003-9 Stallings wetland compensation site (former Luehmann property) Madison County, IL (FAP 999) : final hydrogeologic characterization report Bonnie J. Robinson, D. Bradley Ketterling, Christine S. Fucciolo 2003 Buy
C542 Stack-unit mapping of geologic materials in Illinois to a depth of 15 meters Richard C. Berg and John P. Kempton 1988 Buy
OFS1993-5 Stack-unit map of Paducah 1 [degree] x 2 [degree] Quadrangle : geologic materials to a depth of 15 meters Richard C. Berg and Mary R. Greenpool 1993 Out of print
IMAP003 Stack-unit map of Paducah 1 degree x 2 degree Quadrangle : geologic materials to a depth of 15 meters Richard C. Berg, Mary R. Greenpool 1994 Buy
OFS1990-2i Stack-unit map (to 50 ft.) of Kane County B. Brandon Curry; computer cartography: Anne L. Erdmann 1990 Buy


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