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RI208 Water sorption properties of homoionic clay minerals W. Arthur White 1958 Out of print
RI164 Water soluble salts in limestones and dolomites J. E. Lamar, Raymond S. Shrode 1953 Out of print
B005 Water resources of the East St. Louis district Isaiah Bowman ; assisted Chester Albert Reeds 1907 Out of print
IM126 Water resources in Illinois: Demand, prices, and scarcity rents Viju C. Ipe and Subhash B. Bhagwat 2003 $5.00
SPR007 Water Quality in the Mahomet Aquifer: Chemical Indicators of Brine Migration and Mixing Samuel V. Panno and Walton R. Kelly 2020 Buy
OFS2014-3 Water quality in Black Partridge Creek before and after construction of I-355, Cook and DuPage Counties, Illinois Eric T. Plankell 2014 $15.00
OFS2020-1 Water Quality and Levels in Trout Park Nature Preserve Before and AFter Reconstruction of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (Interstate 90) Kane County, Illinois Eric T. Plankell, Geoffrey E. Pociask, and Lindsey A. Schafer 2020 Buy
EG156 Water quality and agrichemical loading in two groundwater basins of Illinois' sinkhole plain S. V. Panno, W. R. Kelly, C. P. Weibel, I. G. Krapac, and S. L. Sargent 2003 $8.50
RPR1991-K Water movement through an experimental soil liner I. G. Krapac, K. Cartwright, S. V. Panno, B. R. Hensel, K. R. Rehfeldt, and B. L. Herzog 1991 $5.00
RPR2002-A Water level fluctuations in an urban pond: climatic or anthropogenic impact? Steven E. Benton 2002 $5.00
RI089 Water flooding of oil sands in Illinois Frederick Squires and Alfred H. Bell 1943 Out of print
OFS1995-8 Washability of trace elements in product (marketed) coals from Illinois mines Ilham Demir, Rodney R. Ruch, John D. Steele, and Saleem Khan 1995 Buy
RI048 Washability characteristics of Illinois coal screenings D. R. Mitchell and L. C. McCabe ; in cooperation with the Engineering Experiment Station, University of Illinois 1937 Out of print
C349 Wapella East oil pool, De Witt, County, Illinois : a Silurian reef Richard H. Howard 1956 Out of print
RI160 Waltersburg sandstone oil pools of lower Wabash area, Illinois and Indiana David H. Swann 1951 Out of print
RPR1958-M Volumes and surface areas of pendular rings Walter Rose 1958 Out of print
RPR1986-A Vogelgnathus, a new Mississippian conodont genus Rodney D. Norby and Carl B. Rexroad 1985 $5.00
C280 Visual estimates of grain size distribution in some Chester sandstones David H. Swann, Robert W. Fisher, Mathias J. Walters 1959 Out of print
RI111 Viscosity studies of system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2:1, 40% SiO2 J. S. Machin and D. L. Hanna 1945 Out of print
RI137 Viscosity studies of system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2: II, CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 J. S. Machin and Tin Boo Yee 1948 Out of print


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