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OFS1999-8 A directory of Illinois libraries: historical resources for environmental site assessments Phyllis L. Bannon-Nilles, Jennifer R. Ousley, Lynne E. Raymond, Mary P. Krick, Christopher J. Black 1999 $36.80
c583 A Depositional and Diagenetic Characterization of the Mt. Simon Sandstone at the Illinois Basin - Decatur Project Carbon Capture and Storage Site, Decatur, Illinois, USA Jared T. Freiburg, David G. Morse, Hannes E. Leetaru, Riley P. Hoss, and Qina Yan 2014 Buy
RPR1968-D A computer method for converting oriented geologic data to radian measure in a spherical coordinate system Frederick N. Murray 1967 Out of print
RPR1955-S A comparative study of Upper Chester and Lower Pennsylvanian stratigraphic variability Paul Edwin Potter and Raymond Siever 1955 Out of print
C133 A comparative study of stigmarian appendages and isoetes roots Wilson N. Stewart 1947 Out of print
RPR1959-C A combined deamination and nitro reduction method for nitroanilines G. C. Finger and R. H. White 1958 Out of print
RPR1956-F A coal-discoloration problem solved John A. Harrison 1956 Out of print
RPR1961-O A clay mineral sequence at the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian unconformity in the Illinois Basin M. E. Ostrom and Paul Edwin Potter 1961 Out of print
RPR1958-I A chitinous anaptychus from the Pennsylvanian of Illinois Charles Collinson and Alan J. Scott 1958 Out of print
OFS1990-4 9 o'clock cross section in the Illinois Basin : Wayne County, Illinois, to St. Clair County, Illinois Stephen T. Whitaker and Janis D. Treworgy 1990 $9.00
OFS1992-10 6 o'clock cross section in the Illinois Basin : Wayne County, Illinois, to Gibson County, Tennessee Stephen T. Whitaker and Janis D. Treworgy, Martin C. Noger 1992 $18.00
GB014 43rd annual Tri-State Geological Conference, October 5-7, 1979 : geology of western Illinois Leaders : Janis D. Treworgy, E. Donald McKay, Jerry T. Wickham 1979 $5.00
RPR1993-N 3D model identifies unswept oil in Illinois's King field Hannes E. Leetaru 1993 $5.00
OFS2003-12 3-D visualization of bedrock resources in Lake County, Illinois Hannes E. Leetaru, Michael L. Sargent, Matthew H. Riggs, Dennis R. Kolata 2003 $13.00
3D-BLOCK 3-D block model of Illinois Illinois State Geological Survey 1996 Buy
OFS1990-3 3 o'clock cross section in the Illinois Basin : Wayne County, Illinois, to Switzerland County, Indiana Janis D. Treworgy and Stephen T. Whitaker 1990 $15.00
GB006 28th Annual Tri-State Geological guidebook : Western Illinois, October 17 and 18, Quincy Illinois Charles Collinson 1964 Out of print
RPR1961-W 2,6-difluoropyridine G. C. Finger and L. D. Starr 1961 Out of print
IPGMAntiochDO 1998-1999 Digital Orthophotography of Antioch Quadrangle, Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin Donald E. Luman 2005 $7.50
OFS1998-4 1998 bathymetric survey in the vicinity of the IDNR-proposed artificial reef for recreational fishing off the Chicago lakeshore Michael J. Chrzastowski, D. Bradley Ketterling, Christopher J. Stohr 1998 Buy


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