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C363 Aeromagnetic study of the Hardin County area, Illinois Lyle D. McGinnis, James C. Bradbury 1964 $5.00
IM125 Advanced characterization of forms of chlorine, organic sulfur, and selected trace elements in available coals from operating Illinois mines M-I. M. Chou, I. Demir, S. B. Bhagwat, F. E. Huggins, G. P. Huffman, and K. K. Ho 2003 $5.00
RPR1979-Q Adsorption of water-soluble polychlorinated biphenyl Aroclor 1242 and used capacitor fluid by soil materials and coal chars M. C. Lee, R. A. Griffin, M. L. Miller, and E. S. K. Chian 1979 Out of print
RPR1994-E Adsorption and desorption of atrazine and deethylatrazine by low organic carbon geologic materials W. R. Roy and I. G. Krapac 1994 $5.00
B020 Administrative report and various economic and geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1915 $5.00
B030 Administrative report and economic and geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1917 Out of print
B023 Administrative report and economic and geological papers State of Illinois State Geological Survey 1917 $5.00
B033 Administrative report and economic and geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1916 Out of print
EG003 Activities in environmental geology in northeastern Illinois Jean I. Larson, James E. Hackett 1965 Out of print
RPR1979-P Acoustic and mechanical analysis of a transverse anisotropy in shale Donald D. Miller and Rex J. E. Johnson 1979 Out of print
RI212 Acidic structural groups in Illinois coals : variation during oxidation and carbonization T. P. Maher, J. M. Harris, G. R. Yohe 1959 Out of print
RPR1958-T Acidic properties of tetrazole derivatives in a nonaqueous medium T. P. Maher and G. R. Yohe 1958 Out of print
C156 Acid etching in the study of limestones and dolomites J. E. Lamar 1950 Out of print
RPR1960-B Accretion-gley and the gumbotil dilemma John C. Frye, Paul R. Shaffer, H. B. Willman, and George E. Ekblaw 1960 Out of print
RPR1997-K Abundances of sulfur, chlorine, and trace elements in Illinois Basin Coals, USA C.-L. Chou 1997 $5.00
RPR1990-H Abundances and leachabilities of sodium and chlorine in lithotypes of Illinois Basin coals I. Demir, C.-L. Chou, and C. Chaven 1990 $5.00
EG088 Abundance of trace and minor elements in organic and mineral fractions of coal J. K. Kuhn, F. L. Fiene, R. A. Cahill, H. J. Gluskoter, N. F. Shimp 1980 $5.00
RPR1959-N Abundance and stratigraphic distribution of Devonian and Mississippian conodonts in the Upper Mississippi Valley Charles Collinson, Carl B. Rexroad, and A. J. Scott 1959 Out of print
IM071 Abundance and recovery of spalerite and fine coal from mine waste in Illinois James C. Cobb, John M. Masters, Colin G. Treworgy, and Roy J. Helfinstine 1979 $5.00
RPR1990-G Abundance and origin of major minerals in the Herrin Coal, Illinois Basin Ilham Demir and R. D. Harvey 1990 $5.00


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