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C533 An electrical earth resistivity survey of the Macon-Taylorville ridged-drift aquifer Paul C. Heigold, Vickie L. Poole, Keros Cartwright, Robert H. Gilkeson 1985 $5.00
OFS2000-5 An electrical earth resistivity survey in the Wabash River bottoms, eastern Crawford County, Illinois Timothy Larson and Steven L. Sargent 2000 Out of print
RI157 An economic study of fuels in manufacturing Walter H. Voskuil 1951 Out of print
C500 An early Pennsylvanian flora with Megalopteris and Noeggerathiales from west-central Illinois Richard L. Leary, Hermann W. Pfefferkorn 1977 $5.00
EG008 An application of geologic information to land use in the Chicago metropolitan region James E. Hackett 1966 Out of print
RI091 An annotated synopsis of paleozoic fossil spores : and the definition of generic groups J. M. Schoph, L. R. Wilson, and Ray Bentall ; prepared in collaboration with the Dept. of Geology, Coe College, and the Tennessee State Division of Geology 1944 Out of print
RPR1992-D An analytical study of a two-layer transient thermal conduction problem as applied to soil temperature surveys T. H. Larson and A. T. Hsui 1992 $5.00
C495 An aeromagnetic survey of southwestern Illinois Paul C. Heigold 1976 Buy
RPR1958-H An addition to the holotype of the Chester nautiloid Endolobus clorensis Charles Collinson 1958 Out of print
RPR1967-E American Fusulinacean faunas containing elements from other continents M. L. Thompson 1967 Out of print
B069 Amenability of various types of clay minerals to alumina extraction by the lime sinter and lime-soda sinter process by R. E. Grim, J. S. Machin, and W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print
IM039 Alumina content of carbonate rocks as an index to sodium sulfate soundness: a preliminary report J. W. Baxter and Richard D. Harvey 1969 $5.00
RPR1970-W Alternate methods for the determination of boron in silicates John A. Schleicher and David B. Heck 1970 Out of print
RPR1961-S Aliphatic acids from the oxidation of coal G. R. Yohe and J. M. Harris 1961 Out of print
C148 Airplane views of Illinois oil installations Frederick Squires 1948 Out of print
RPR1955-F Air oxidation, phenolic group content, and coking properties of Illinois coal G. R. Yohe, M. H. Wilt, H. F. Kauffman, and E. O. Blodgett 1955 Out of print
C146 Agstone used in Illinois in 1947 by Walter H. Voskuil and Ethel M. King 1948 Out of print
C132 Agstone used in Illinois in 1946 by Walter H. Voskuil, Douglas F. Stevens, and Ethel M. King 1947 Out of print
C123 Agstone used in Illinois in 1945 Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1946 Out of print
C119 Agstone used in Illinois in 1944 : preliminary annual report by Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1945 Out of print


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