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IM025 Annotated selected list of industrial minerals publications compiled by J. E. Lamar 1966 Out of print
RI027 Anna "Kaolin" as a new decolorizing agent for edible oils R.J. Piersol, J.E. Lamar and W.H. Voskuil 1933 Out of print
IP141 Analysis of the Aux Vases (Mississippian) petroleum reservoirs of the Energy Field, Williamson County, Illinois Bryan G. Huff 1993 $6.00
RPR1982-B Analysis of rock stress around a liquid waste injection system in Illinois Manoutchehr Heidari and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
RPR1999-E Analysis of pumping tests: significance of well diameter, partial penetration, and noise Manoutchehr Heidari, Kamran Ghiassi, and Edward Mehnert 1999 $5.00
RPR1980-F Analysis of mineral matter in coal, coal gasification ash, and coal liquefaction residues by scanning electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction S. J. Russell and S. M. Rimmer 1979 $5.00
RPR1987-K Analysis of coal surface mining equipment in Illinois. S. B. Bhagwat 1987 $5.00
RI136 Analysis of coal cleaning on a concentrating table Charles C. Boley 1949 Out of print
IM044 Analyses of some Illinois rocks for gold J. C. Bradbury, N. C. Hester, and R. R. Ruch 1970 Out of print
IP122 Analyses of natural gas in Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1981 $5.00
IM042 An investigation of sands on the uplands adjacent to the Sangamon River floodplain : possibilities as a "blend sand" resource Norman C. Hester and Theodore C. Labotka 1970 $5.00
FTPinckneyville87 An introduction to the geology of the Pinckneyville area David L. Reinertsen and Jonathan H. Goodwin 1987 Buy
FTEvergreen An Introduction to the geology of the Evergreen Park-Thornton area, Cook County, Illinois David L. Reinertsen 1979 Buy
RI155 An integrated geophysical and geological investigation of aquifers in glacial drift near Champaign-Urbana, Illinois John W. Foster, Merlyn B. Buhle 1951 Out of print
IP146 An integrated geologic and engineering study of the Plumfield lease Aux Vases Reservoirs, Zeigler Field, Franklin County, Illinois Steve K. Sim, Beverly Seyler, Emmanuel O. Udegbunam 1994 $5.00
C097 An experiment in the conversion of used automobile engines to oil-field power and compressor units Frederick Squires 1943 Out of print
RPR1969-E An evaluation of Illinois coal reserve estimates J. A. Simon and W. H. Smith 1968 Out of print
IP091 An estimate of future crude oil production in Illinois R. F. Mast 1969 Out of print
RPR1999-C An environmental tolerance index for ostracodes as indicators of physical and chemical factors in aquatic habitats B. Brandon Curry 1999 $5.00
RPR1973-G An elutriator method for particle-size analysis with quantitative silt fractionation Leon R. Follmer and A. H. Beavers 1973 Out of print


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