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C282 Chemical and spectrochemical analyses of Illinois clay materials compiled by W. Arthur White 1959 Buy
EG105 Chemical and toxicological properties of coal fly ash John J. Suloway, William R. Roy, Thomas M. Skelly, Donald R. Dickerson, Rudolph M. Schuller, Robert A. Griffin 1983 Buy
RI132 Chemical characteristics of banded ingredients of coal O. W. Rees, W. F. Wagner, and W. G. Tilbury 1948 Out of print
RI088 Chemical characteristics of Illinois crude oils with a discussion of their geologic occurrence O. W. Rees, P. W. Henline, and A. H. Bell 1943 Out of print
CG1985-04 Chemical composition and geochemistry of the New Albany Shale Group (Devonian-Mississippian) in Illinois Joyce K. Frost, David L. Zierath, Neil F. Shimp 1985 Buy
IM020 Chemical composition of some deep limestones and dolomites in Livingston County, Illinois James W. Baxter 1964 Buy
C307 Chemical evaluation of Illinois oil shales W. J. Armon, O. W. Rees 1960 Buy
RI220 Chemistry, uses, and limitations of coal analyses O. W. Rees 1966 Out of print
RI077 Chester ostracodes of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1941 Out of print
OFS2005-9 Chicagoland: geology and the making of a metropolis. Field excursion for the 2005 annual meeting Association of American State Geologists, June 15, 2005 Michael J. Chrzastowski 2005 Buy
POSTERCHI4 Chicagoland: shaped by ice and water Michael J. Chrzastowski 2005 Buy
C247 Chitinozoan faunule of the Devonian Cedar Valley Formation Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott 1958 Buy
C372 Chlorine in Illinois coal Harold J. Gluskoter, O. W. Rees 1964 Buy
C487 Chronology and molluscan paleontology of two post-Woodfordian bogs in northeastern Illinois A. Byron Leonard 1974 buy
B062 Classification and selection of Illinois coals Gilbert H. Cady 1935 Buy
RI216 Classification of Genevievian and Chesterian (late Mississippian) rocks of Illinois D. H. Swann 1963 Buy
C217 Classification of the Pennsylvanian rocks of Illinois as of 1956 Harold R. Wanless. correlation chart / compiled Raymond Siever 1956 Out of print
RI214 Classification of the Pennsylvanian strata of Illinois R.M. Kosanke, J.A. Simon, H.R. Wanless, H.B. Willman 1960 Out of print
C285 Classification of the Wisconsinan stage in the Lake Michigan glacial lobe John C. Frye, H. B. Willman 1960 Out of print
IM029 Clay and shale resources of Clark, Crawford, Cumberland, Edgar, Effingham, Jasper, and Vermilion Counties, Illinois W. Arthur White and Walter E. Parham 1967 Buy


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