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OFS1995-13d Upper sand and gravel isopach in Will and southern Cook Counties, Illinois Edward C. Smith and Melisa M. McLean 1995 $7.50
C203 Uranium in Illinois black shales M. E. Ostrom, M. E. Hopkins, W. A. White, L. D. McVicker 1955 $5.00
RPR1986-L Urban en[c]roachment on dolomite resources of the Chicago area, Illinois Donald G. Mikulic and Jonathan H. Goodwin 1985 $5.00
EG016 Urban expansion : an opportunity and a challenge to industrial mineral producers H. E. Risser, R. L. Major 1967 Out of print
RPR1985-E Use of aerial photographs and vegetation patterns to predict the distribution of fine-grained quartz and kaolinite in tailing ponds L. A. Khan, D. J. Berggren, and R. E. Hughes 1984 Out of print
EG055 Use of carbonate rocks for control of sulfur dioxide in flue gases: Part I. Petrographic characteristics and physical properties of marls, shells, and their calcines R. D. Harvey, R. R. Frost, and Josephus Thomas, Jr. 1972 Out of print
C122 Use of electrical geophysical methods in groundwater supply Carl A. Bays 1945 Out of print
RPR1989-N Use of geophysical logs to estimate water quality of basal Pennsylvanian sandstones, southwestern Illinois V. L. Poole, K. Cartwright, and D. Leap 1989 $5.00
C317 Use of Illinois coal fines in production of metallurgical coke H. W. Jackman, R. J. Helfinstine 1961 Out of print
B071 Use of Illinois coal for production of metallurgical coke F. H. Reed, H. W. Jackman, O. W. Rees, G. R. Yohe, and P. W. Henline 1947 Out of print
RPR1974-L Use of inorganic ion exchangers in the neutron activation determination of arsenic in coal ash P. M. Santoliquido 1973 $5.00
RPR1979-C Use of internal surface area and high-pressure methane sorption data to estimate capacity for gas production from the New Albany Shale Group Robert Frost and Josephus Thomas, Jr. 1978 Out of print
RI176 Use of refraction seismic method for differentiating Pleistocene deposits in the Arcola and Tuscola quadrangles, Illinois Robert B. Johnson 1954 Out of print
RPR1980-Q Use of stepwise discriminant analysis to assess soil genesis in a youthful sandy environment Richard C. Berg 1980 Out of print
C239 Use of trace metals to identify Illinois crude oils Paul A. Witherspoon, Kozo Nagashima 1957 $5.00
C603 User's Manual for the Portable Thermal Response Test Device Yu-Feng Lin, Chien-Yung Tseng, and Steve L. Sargent 2020 Buy
RPR1958-O Uses and limitations of electrical prospecting for water supplies Merlyn B. Buhle 1957 Out of print
C321 Uses of limestone and dolomite J. E. Lamar 1961 $5.00
RPR1986-W Using a relational data-base management system to help determine causes of damage to structures in Illinois Susan Carol Bradford, Paul B. DuMontelle, Robert A. Bauer, and R. Douglas Evans 1986 $5.00
OFS2016-2a Using Bioswales to Improve the Quality of Roadway Runoff from I-294 in Northern Cook County, Illinois James J. Miner, Kathleen E. Bryant, Keith W. Carr, Jessica R. Ackerman, Eric T. Plankell, and Colleen M. Long 2016 Buy


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