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GB004 The Niagaran reef at Thornton, Illinois Heinz A. Lowenstam, H.B. Willman, David H. Swann 1956 out-of-print
RI145 The Niagaran reefs in Illinois and their relation to oil accumulation Heinz A. Lowenstam 1949 Out of print
RPR1955-N The occurrence of magnesian calcite in nature Julian R.. Goldsmith, Donald L. Graf, and Olivia I. Joensuu 1955 Out of print
RI016 The oil and gas resources of the Ava-Campbell Hill area by Towner B. Root 1928 Out of print
RI010 The oolite of the Ste. Genevieve formation L. E. Lamar 1926 Out of print
RPR1984-B The origin and early genesis of clay bands in youthful sandy soils along Lake Michigan, U.S.A. Richard C. Berg 1984 Out of print
RPR1976-I The origin of drift-gas deposits as determined by radiocarbon dating of methane Dennis D. Coleman 1976 $5.00
IP158 The origin of prolific reservoirs in the Geneva Dolomite (Middle Devonian), west-central Illinois Basin Beverly Seyler, John P. Grube, and Zakaria Lasemi 2003 $10.00
C393 The origin of saline formation waters. II, isotopic fractionation by shale micropore systems Donald L. Graf, Irving Friedman, and Wayne F. Meents 1965 Out of print
C397 The origin of saline formation waters. III, calcium chloride waters D. L. Graf, W. F. Meents, I. Friedman, N. F. Shimp 1966 Out of print
RPR1966-I The origin of saline formation waters: I. Isotopic composition R. N. Clayton, I. Friedman, D. L. Graf, T. K. Mayeda, W. F. Meents, and N. F. Shimp 1966 Out of print
OFS2001-3 The origin of Weldon Springs S.V. Panno and K.C. Hackley 2001 Buy
RPR1957-A The oxidation of 2,6-Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol G. R. Yohe, J. E. Dunbar, R. L. Pedrotti, F. M. Scheidt, Fred G. H. Lee, and Earle C. Smith 1956 Out of print
C070 The oxidizing power of Illinois coal : I. The reaction with titanous chloride G. R. Yohe and C. A. Harmon 1941 Out of print
C084 The oxidizing power of Illinois coal : II. The effects of extended time G. R. Yohe and Myron H. Wilt 1942 Out of print
RPR1967-L The petrography of some Illinois Pleistocene and recent sands R. E. Hunter 1967 Out of print
B002 The petroleum industry of southeastern Illinois W. S. Blatchley 1906 Out of print
C032 The physiography and surficial geology of the Carlinville Quadrangle, Illinois John R. Ball 1938 Out of print
C502 The Platteville and Galena groups in northern Illinois H. B. Willman, Dennis R. Kolata 1978 buy
C382 The Precambrian basement of Illinois James C. Bradbury, Elwood Atherton 1965 Out of print


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