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C084 The oxidizing power of Illinois coal : II. The effects of extended time G. R. Yohe and Myron H. Wilt 1942 Out of print
B002 The petroleum industry of southeastern Illinois W. S. Blatchley 1906 Out of print
C032 The physiography and surficial geology of the Carlinville Quadrangle, Illinois John R. Ball 1938 Out of print
C502 The Platteville and Galena groups in northern Illinois H. B. Willman, Dennis R. Kolata 1978 buy
C382 The Precambrian basement of Illinois James C. Bradbury, Elwood Atherton 1965 Out of print
C036 The preglacial Rock River Valley as a source of ground water for Rockford L. E. Workman 1938 Out of print
C093 The principle of the safety cylinder as an explosion preventer in air-gas compression Frederick Squires, Walter H. Voskuil, and Alfred H. Bell 1943 Out of print
C065 The profile of soil weathering and its importance in highway construction George E. Ekblaw. The clay mineral in soils and their significance / Ralph E. Grim 1941 Out of print
EG138 The proximity of underground mines to residential and other built-up areas in Illinois Colin G. Treworgy, Carol A. Hindman 1991 Buy
C575 The Proximity of Underground Mines to Urban and Developed Lands in Illinois Christopher P. Korose, Andrew G. Louchios, and Scott D. Elrick 2009 Buy
C033 The recent impetus to oil prospecting in Illinois George V. Cohee 1938 Out of print
C513 The Rend Lake Fault system in southern Illinois John N. Keys and W. John Nelson 1980 Buy
C064 The research work and public activities of the State Geological survey M. M. Leighton 1940 Out of print
ES02 The Rock River Country of northern Illinois Deette Rolfe 1929 Out of print
OFS1999-5 The role of hydraulic, chemical, and biological factors in the decline of specific capacity in the western Champaign well field : a preliminary investigation Edward Mehnert, Keith C. Hackley, David R. Larson, and Samuel V. Panno 1999 Buy
C505 The Sandwich Fault Zone of Northern Illinois Dennis R. Kolata, T. C. Buschbach, Janis D. Treworgy 1978 buy
C383 The Sangamon arch L. L. Whiting, D. L. Stevenson 1965 Out of print
COOP016 The Sankoty-Mahomet aquifer in the confluence area of the Mackinaw and Mahomet Bedrock Valleys, central Illinois : a reassessment of aquifer characteristics Steven D. Wilson, John P. Kempton, R. Brandon Lott 1994 Buy
IM080 The Seelyville Coal: a major unexploited seam in Illinois Colin G. Treworgy 1981 Buy
IP006 The Sorento Dome Alfred H. Bell 1926 Out of print


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