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IP026 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1934 Alfred H. Bell 1935 Out of print
IP025 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1933 Alfred H. Bell 1934 Out of print
IP024 Structure and oil possibilities of the Warsaw area, Hancock County, Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1932 Out of print
IP016 Recent development on the Ayers anticline ; and, Recent drilling northwest of St. Francisville, Lawrence County, Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1928 Out of print
IP011 Recent development in the vicinity of Jacksonville northwest of St. Francisville, Lawrence County, Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1927 Out of print
IP006 The Sorento Dome Alfred H. Bell 1926 Out of print
RI092 Subsurface structure of the base of the Kinderhook-New Albany shale in central and southern Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1943 Out of print
RPR1955-Q Illinois oil industry active in mid-1955 Alfred H. Bell 1955 Out of print
C442 Glacial geology of the Vandalia, Illinois, region Alan M. Jacobs, Jerry A. Lineback 1969 buy
C465 Geology for planning in St. Clair County, Illinois Alan M. Jacobs, compiler 1971 Buy
RPR1971-H Statistical considerations for grain-size analyses of tills Alan M. Jacobs 1971 Out of print
RPR1970-T Persistence of lake basins in southern Illinois, U.S.A., from late Illinoian time to the present Alan M. Jacobs 1970 Out of print
RPR1961-V Conodont faunas from the Louisiana and McCraney Formations of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri Alan J. Scott and Charles Collinson 1961 Out of print
RPR1959-M Intraspecific variability in conodonts Palmatolepis glabra Ulrich & Bassler Alan J. Scott and Charles Collinson 1959 Out of print
RPR1962-C Three new condonts from the Louisiana Limestone (Upper Devonian) of western Illinois Alan J. Scott 1961 Out of print
C562 Constructing a three-dimensional geologic model of the Virttaankangas aquifer, southwestern Finland: Methods applicable to Illinois Aki Artimo, Richard C. Berg, Curtis C. Abert, and Joni Makinen 2003 $7.00
COOP010 Geology, hydrology, and water quality of the Cambrian and Ordovician systems in northern Illinois Adrian P. Visocky, Marvin G. Sherrill, Keros Cartwright 1985 Buy
IGQRomeSG Surficial Geology of Rome Quadrangle, Peoria and Marshall Counties, Illinois A.J. Stumpf 2010 buy
W-Map Geological Map of the State of Illinois A.H. Worthen 1875 Out of print
IGQPaderbornSG Surficial Geology of Paderborn Quadrangle, Monroe and St. Clair Counties, Illinois A.C. Phillips 2010 buy


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