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IMSRP009 Subsidence investigations over a high-extraction retreat mine in Williamson County, Illinois: final report. B. B. Mehnert, D. J. Van Roosendaal, R. A. Bauer, D. Barkley, E. Gefell 1994 Buy
EG122 Geological-geotechnical studies for siting the Superconducting Super Collider in Illinois : results of the 1986 test drilling program B. B. Curry, A. M. Graese, M. J. Hasek, R. C. Vaiden, R. A. Bauer, D. A. Schumacher, K. A. Norton, W. G. Dixon, Jr. 1988 $5.00
IMSRP006 Bibliography of selected references related to subsidence: an update B. A. Trent, R. A. Bauer, and P. B. DuMontelle 1994 Buy
CG1983-05 Undisturbed core method for determining and evaluating the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated sediments Atef Elzeftawy and Keros Cartwright 1983 Out of print
RPR1981-N Evaluating the saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soils Atef Elzeftawy and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
RPR1993-I Notes on the determination of ASTM coal rank Arthur P. Hoeft, Richard D. Harvey, and James A. Luppens 1993 $5.00
COOP002 Ground-water resources of DuPage County, Illinois Arthur J. Zeizel, William C. Walton, Robert T. Sasman, Thomas A. Prickett 1962 Out of print
B026 Geology and geography of the Galena and Elizabeth quadrangles ; History of development of Jo Daviess County Arthur C. Trowbridge and Eugene Wesley Shaw ; by Bernard H. Schockel 1916 Report Out of print; Plates $6.00 ea.
B019 Geology and geography of the Wheaton Quadrangle Arthur C. Trowbridge 1912 Report Out of print; Plate 1 $6.00
RI009 The Glenwood beds as a horizon marker at the base of the Platteville formation Arthur Bevan 1926 Out of print
EG046 Land-use problems in Illinois : papers from a symposium at the 137th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Chicago, Dec. 26-31, 1970 arranged by Robert E. Bergstrom 1971 Out of print
GB026 Glacial sediments, landforms, paleosols, and 20,000-year-old forest bed in east-central Illinois Ardith K. Hansel,. Richard C. Berg, and Andrew C. Phillips, Vincent G. Gutowski, with contributions by Francois Hardy ... et al. 1999 $5.00
RPR1987-J Sedimentological characteristics and genesis of basal tills at Wedron, Illinois Ardith K. Hansel, W. Hilton Johnson and Betty J. Socha 1987 $5.00
B104 Wedron and Mason groups : lithostratigraphic reclassification of deposits of the Wisconsin Episode, Lake Michigan lobe area Ardith K. Hansel, W. Hilton Johnson 1996 $6.25
IGQVillaGroveSG Surficial Geology Map: Villa Grove Quadrangle, Douglas County, Illinois Ardith K. Hansel, Richard C. Berg, Curtis C. Abert 1999 buy
RPR1986-J Late Wisconsinan and Holocene history of the Lake Michigan basin Ardith K. Hansel, David M. Mickelson, Allan F. Schneider, and Curtis E. Larsen 1985 Out of print
GB022 Quaternary records of northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana Ardith K. Hansel and W. Hilton Johnson ; with contributions by Peter Clark ... et al 1991 $5.00
RPR1993-F Fluctuations of the Lake Michigan lobe during the late Wisconsin subepisode Ardith K. Hansel and W. Hilton Johnson 1992 $5.00
RPR1988-A Ice marginal sedimentation in a late Wisconsinan end moraine complex, northeastern Illinois, USA Ardith K. Hansel and W. Hilton Johnson 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-D Reevaluation of the timing and causes of high lake phases in the Lake Michigan basin Ardith K. Hansel and David M. Mickelson 1988 $5.00


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