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CG1981-05 A study of trench covers to minimize infiltration at waste disposal sites : task 1 report Beverly L. Herzog, Keros Cartwright, Thomas M. Johnson, Henry J. H. Harris ; prepared for Division of Waste Management, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1982 Out of print
RPR2003-A Hydrostratigraphic modeling of a complex, glacial-drift aquifer system for importation into MODFLOW Beverly L. Herzog, David R. Larson, Curtis C. Abert, Steven D. Wilson, and George S. Roadcap 2003 $5.00
EG129 Evaluation of groundwater monitoring programs at hazardous waste disposal facilities in Illinois Beverly L. Herzog, Bruce R. Hensel, Edward Mehnert, Jerry R. Miller, and Thomas M. Johnson 1988 $5.00
IMAP005 Buried bedrock surface of Illinois (3rd ed.) Beverly L. Herzog, Barbara J. Stiff, Cheri A. Chenoweth ... et al. 1994 Buy
RPR1990-C Comparison of slug test methodologies for determination of hydraulic conductivity in fine-grained sediments Beverly L. Herzog and Walter J. Morse 1990 $5.00
RPR1986-Q Hydraulic conductivity at a hazardous waste disposal site: Comparison of laboratory and field-determined values Beverly L. Herzog and Walter J. Morse 1986 $5.00
RPR1995-B Slug tests for determining hydraulic conductivity of natural geologic deposits Beverly L. Herzog 1995 $5.00
OFS1989-5 Lake Michigan bibliography : geological and physical processes update Beth McArdle Morgan and Nancy Peterson Holm 1989 Buy
IP007 Oil possibilities of the Payson anticline, Adams County, Illinois Ben B. Cox. Petroleum in Illinois during 1926 / Gail F. Moulton 1927 Out of print
RPR1955-U The structural scheme of sepiolite Bartholomew Nagy and W. F. Bradley 1955 Out of print
IPGMAntiochWL Well Locations of Antioch Quadrangle, Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin Barbara J. Stiff and Michael L. Barnhardt 2005 $10.50
IGQNapervilleSG Surficial Geology of Naperville Quadrangle, Du Page County, Illinois B.Brandon Curry and Henry D. Fineberg 2013 buy
IGQHampshireSG Surficial Geology of Hampshire Quadrangle, DeKalb and Kane Counties, Illinois B.B. Curry 2008 buy
IGQHampshireDP Data Point Locations of Hampshire Quadrangle, DeKalb and Kane Counties, Illinois B.B. Curry 2008 buy
RPR1958-B A study of the colloidal characteristics of petroleum using the ultracentrifuge B. Roger Ray, Paul A. Witherspoon, and Ralph E. Grim 1957 Out of print
RPR1989-H Loessial soils : their relationship to width of the source valley in Illinois B. R. Putman, I. J. Jansen, and L. R. Follmer 1988 $5.00
RPR1989-C Investigation of failure machanisms and migration of organic chemicals at Wilsonville, Illinois B. L. Herzog, R. A. Griffin, C. J. Stohr, L. R. Follmer, W. J. Morse, and W. J. Su 1989 $5.00
RPR1971-F Scanning electron microscopy of clays and clay minerals B. F. Bohor and Randall E. Hughes 1971 Out of print
RPR1974-D Boron in illite as an indicator of paleosalinity of Illinois coals B. F. Bohor and H. J. Gluskoter 1973 $5.00
C081 Determining the fusain content of Illinois coals : a comparison of chemical and petrographic methods B. C. Parks, G. W. Land, and O. W. Rees 1942 Out of print


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