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C185 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1952 by Paul A. Witherspoon and members of the Illinois Secondary Resovery and Pressure Maintenance Study Committee 1953 Out of print
C180 Some important aspects of water flooding in Illinois by Paul A. Witherspoon 1952 Out of print
C197 Effect of diluents on the plastic properties of coal as measured by the Gieseler plastometer by O. W. Rees and E. D. Pierron 1955 Out of print
C190 Plastic and swelling properties of Illinois coals by O. W. Rees and E. D. Pierron 1954 Out of print
OFS1989-1 Lake Michigan bibliography: 1860-1988, geological and physical processes by Nancy Peterson Holm and Beth McArdle Morgan 1989 Buy
RPR1988-S The Illinois Basin Ultradeep Drillhole (IBUD) : a part of a plan for future continental scientific drilling by Morris W. Leighton, J. James Eidel and Paul C. Heigold 1988 $5.00
C152 Southern Illinois : mineral resources and industries by Morris M. Leighton and Walter H. Voskuil 1949 Out of print
IGQVincennesSP Subsurface Structure and Petroleum Drilling in the Vincennes Quadrangle, Lawrence County, Illinois and Knox County, Indiana Bryan G. Huff, Beverly Seyler, Russell J. Jacobson, Alison B. Lecouris, and Paul N. Irwin 2016 Buy
IP154 Oil and gas developments in Illinois, 1988 Bryan G. Huff 1998 $5.00
IP144 Oil and gas developments in Illinois, 1987 Bryan G. Huff 1994 $5.00
IP141 Analysis of the Aux Vases (Mississippian) petroleum reservoirs of the Energy Field, Williamson County, Illinois Bryan G. Huff 1993 $6.00
IP131 Oil and gas developments in Illinois, 1986 Bryan G. Huff 1989 $5.00
IP128 Petroleum industry in Illinois, 1985 Bryan G. Huff 1987 $5.00
RI143 Petrographic analysis of coal by the particle count method Bryan C. Parks 1949 Out of print
EG134 Numerical estimates of potential for groundwater contamination from land burial of municipal wastes in Illinois : final report Bruce R. Hensel, Richard C. Berg, Robert A. Griffin 1990 $5.00
RPR1994-C Predicted impact of a new highway on a spring-fed wetland, Cook County, Illinois Bruce R. Hensel, Keros Cartwright, Michael L. Barnhardt, Ardith K. Hansel 1994 $5.00
RPR1991-D Numerical assessment of a landfill compliance limit Bruce R. Hensel, Donald A. Keefer, Robert A. Griffin, and Richard C. Berg 1991 $5.00
RPR1991-O Effects of wetlands creation on groundwater flow Bruce R. Hensel and Michael V. Miller 1991 $5.00
OFS1989-3 Environmental impacts of oil field brines in Southeastern Clay County, Illinois Bruce R. Hensel and Dennis P. McKenna, eds. 1989 Buy
EG143 Natural recharge of groundwater in Illinois Bruce R. Hensel 1992 $5.00


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