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RPR1988-L Ramp-platform model for Silurian pinnacle reef distribution in the Illinois basin by Stephen T. Whitaker 1988 $5.00
B029 Purchase and sale of Illinois coal on specification by S. W. Parr 1914 Out of print
RPR1994-F Hydrochemistry of the Mahomet Bedrock Valley Aquifer, east-central Illinois : indicators of recharge and ground-water flow by S. V. Panno, K. C. Hackley, K. Cartwright, and C. L. Liu 1994 $5.00
B049 Geology and mineral resources of the Dixon Quadrangle by Russell Stafford Knappen 1926 Out of Print
IGQ007 Geologic Map of the Goreville Quadrangle, Johnson and Williamson Counties, Illinois by Russell J Jacobson, with contributions by H. H. Damberger and C. B. Trask 1993 buy
B039 Environment of Camp Grant by Rollin D. Salisbury and Harlan H. Barrows 1918 Report $6.40 - Maps $6.00 each
B074 Pennsylvanian spores of Illinois and their use in correlation by Robert M. Kosanke 1950 Out of print
CG1981-04 Isotopic and geologic studies to identify the sources of sulfate in groundwater containing high barium concentrations by Robert H. Gilkeson, Eugene C. Perry, Jr., and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
OFS1999-6 Characterization and assessment of the sediment quality and transport processes in the West Branch of the Grand Calumet River in Illinois by Richard A. Cahill and Misganaw Demissie and William C. Bogner 1999 Buy
OFS1999-1c Shaded relief of Lee County, Illinois by Renee J. Nagy 1999 $12.00
OFS1999-1b Surface topography of Lee County, Illinois by Renee J. Nagy 1999 $12.00
C164 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Marion and Fayette Counties and adjacent parts of Bond, Clinton, Montgomery, Clay, Effingham, Washington, Jefferson, and Wayne Counties by Raymond Siever 1950 Buy
RI052 Petrology of the Pennsylvanian underclays of Illinois by Ralph E. Grim, Victor T. Allen 1938 Out of print
RI110 The bonding action of clays. Part II: clays in dry molding sands by Ralph E. Grim and F. Leicester Cuthbert 1946 Out of print
C131 Plant microfossils in correlation of coal beds by R. M. Kosanke 1947 Out of print
B072 Briquetting Illinois coals without binder by R. J. Piersol 1948 Out of print
B069 Amenability of various types of clay minerals to alumina extraction by the lime sinter and lime-soda sinter process by R. E. Grim, J. S. Machin, and W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print
C198 Groundwater possibilities in northeastern Illinois : a preliminary geologic report by R. E. Bergstrom, J. W. Foster, Lidia F. Selkregg, and W. A. Pryor 1955 Out of print
CG1983-02 Geologic investigation of roof and floor strata : longwall demonstration, Old Ben Mine no. 24: Prediction of coal balls in the Herrin Coal : final technical report, part 2 by Philip J. DeMaris, Robert A. Bauer, Richard A. Cahill, Heinz H. Damberger 1983 Out of print
C182 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1951 by Paul A. Witherspoon and Paul J. Shanor, and members of the Illinois Secondary Resovery and Pressure Maintenance Study Committee 1953 Out of print


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