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C187 Fundamentals of mineral conservation W. H. Voskuil 1955 Out of print
C005 Clay products industry in Illinois in 1932 : preliminary report W. H. Voskuil 1933 Out of print
C008 Agricultural limestone distribution in 1933 W. H. Voskuil 1934 Out of print
C411 Description of late Pennsylvanian strata from deep diamond drill cores in the southern part of the Illinois Basin W. H. Smith, G. E. Smith ; prepared in cooperation with the Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky, Lexington 1967 Out of print
C419 Strippable coal reserves of Illinois. Part 6, La Salle, Livingston, Grundy, Kankakee, Will, Putnam, and parts of Bureau and Marchall Counties W. H. Smith 1968 Out of print
C459 Glacial drift of the Shelbyville Moraine at Shelbyville, Illinois W. H. Johnson, H. D. Glass, D. L. Gross, S. R. Moran 1971 Out of print
RI154 High temperature thermal effects of clay and related materials W. F. Bradley, R. E. Grim 1951 Out of print
RI167 Crystal chemistry and differential thermal effects of dolomite W. F. Bradley, J. F. Burst, D. L. Graf 1953 Out of print
RI138 Colloid properties of layer silicates W. F. Bradley and R. E. Grim 1948 Out of print
RI108 Molecular associations between montmorillonite and some polyfunctional organic liquids W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print
RI115 Diagnostic criteria for clay minerals W. F. Bradley 1946 Out of print
EG025 Preliminary geological evaluation of dam and reservoir sites in McHenry County, Illinois W. Calhoun Smith 1969 Buy
EG013 Geologic factors in dam and reservoir planning W. Calhoun Smith 1966 Out of print
EG019 Geology and engineering characteristics of some surface materials in McHenry County, Illinois W. Calhoun Smith 1968 Out of print
EG012 Effects of a soap, a detergent, and a water softener on the plasticity of earth materials W. Arthur White, Shirley M. Bremser 1966 Out of print
C371 Illinois clay resources for lightweight ceramic block W. Arthur White, Neal R. O'Brien 1964 Out of print
EG023 Effects of waste effluents on the plasticity of earth materials W. Arthur White, M. Katherine Kyriazis 1968 Buy
C266 Water-sorption characteristics of clay minerals W. Arthur White, Ernesto Pichler 1959 Out of print
IM029 Clay and shale resources of Clark, Crawford, Cumberland, Edgar, Effingham, Jasper, and Vermilion Counties, Illinois W. Arthur White and Walter E. Parham 1967 Buy
MISCPUBCLA Clay mineralogy of Pleistocene and Pennsylvanian sediments in east-central Illinois W. Arthur White and Leon R. Follmer 1981 Buy


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