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B056 Illinois coal : a non-technical account of its occurrence, production, and preparation A. Bement 1929 Out of print
CG1983-06 Hydrogeologic and geochemical studies of selected natural radioisotopes and barium in groundwater in Illinois Robert H. Gilkeson, Keros Cartwright, James B. Cowart, Richard B. Holtzman 1983 Buy
OFS1990-2h Number not used
FTBloomington Bloomington area. 1964 Buy
OFS1999-3 Number not used
OFS2004-4 Number not used
OFS1991-6 Number not used
OFS2004-1 Number not used
OFS1990-2e Number not used
OFS1999-2 Number not used
OFS2004-3 Number not used
OFS1990-6 Number not used
B108 Fossils of the Upper Ordovician Platteville Formation in the Upper Midwest USA: An Overview in press
FTMtSterling Guide leaflet 55-B : Mt. Sterling area, Brown County, Mt. Sterling, Rushville, and Meredosia quadrangles 1955 NA
IMAP004 Number not used
OFS1999-4 Number not used
OFS1996-8 Number not used


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