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IGQAmesSG Surficial Geology of Ames Quadrangle, Monroe and Randolph Counties, Illinois David A. Grimley and Greg A. Shofner 2008 buy
IGQStolletownSG Surficial Geology of Stolletown Quadrangle, Bond and Clinton Counties, Illinois David A. Grimley and Johanna M. Gemperline 2015 Buy
IGQKeyesportSG Surficial geology of Keyesport Quadrangle, Clinton, Bond, and Fayette Counties, Illinois David A. Grimley and Katarzyna A. Walkowska 2017 Buy
IGQNewAthensESG Surficial Geology of New Athens East Quadrangle, St. Clair County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Nathan D. Webb 2009 buy
IPGMWoodRiverSG Surficial Geology of Wood River Quadrangle, Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Scott W. Lepley 2005 Buy
IPGMMapleparkBT Bedrock Topography of Maple Park Quadrangle, Kane and DeKalb Counties, Illinois David A. Grimley and Thomas J. McTighe 2004 Buy
IMAP010 Geologic road map of Illinois : surface deposits and landscapes David A. Grimley, Barbara J. Stiff, Michael J. Andrew 2001 Buy
IGQValmeyerSG Surficial Geology of Valmeyer Quadrangle, Monroe County, Illinois David A. Grimley, Johanna M. Gemperline, and Timothy A. Larson 2014 buy
OFS1997-13b Quaternary deposits of Carroll County, Illinois David A. Grimley; digital cartography by Christopher S. McGarry 1997 Buy
EG081 Ground-water contamination : problems and remedial actions David E. Lindorff, Keros Cartwright 1977 Out of print
EG098 Hydrogeology of spoil at three abandoned surface mines in Illinois : preliminary results David E. Lindorff, Keros Cartwright, Beverly L. Herzog 1981 Out of print
IP157 Sedimentology, diagenesis and trapping style, Mississippian Tar Springs Sandstone, Inman East Consolidated Field, Gallatin County, Illinois David G. Morse 2001 Buy
OFS2003-13 Reservoir characterization & 3D models of Mt. Simon gas storage fields in the Illinois Basin : final report David G. Morse and Hannes E. Leetaru 2003 Buy
C567 Reservoir Characterization and Three-dimensional Models of Mt. Simon Gas Storage Fields in the Illinois Basin David G. Morse and Hannes E. Leetaru 2005 Buy
OFS2007-8 Reource assessment and production testing for coalbed methane in Illinois David G. Morse and Ilham Demir 2007 Buy
RI160 Waltersburg sandstone oil pools of lower Wabash area, Illinois and Indiana David H. Swann 1951 Out of print
RI135 Subsurface correlations of lower Chester strata of the eastern interior basin David H. Swann and Elwood Atherton 1948 Out of print
C386 The Borden siltstone (Mississippian) delta in southwestern Illinois David H. Swann, Jerry A. Lineback, Eugene Frund 1965 Out of print
C169 Future oil possibilities of the Eastern Interior Basin David H. Swann, John W. Henderson, E. J. Combs, Ralph E. Esarey, Louise B. Freeman, D. J. Jones, and F. T. Thwaites 1951 Out of print
C280 Visual estimates of grain size distribution in some Chester sandstones David H. Swann, Robert W. Fisher, Mathias J. Walters 1959 Out of print


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