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B051 Geology and mineral resources of the Joliet Quadrangle D. J. Fisher 1925 Report Out of print
RI005 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) Coal seam near Duquoin D. J. Fisher 1925 Out of print
C035 Exhumed Ordovician hill near Joliet D. Jerome Fisher 1938 Out of print
RI188 Sandstone resources of extreme southern Illinois : preliminary report D. L. Biggs, J. E. Lamar 1955 Buy
RI202 Vanadium efflorescence and its control by the use of fluorspar D. L. Deadmore, A. W. Allen, J. S. Machin 1957 Out of print
C261 Some plastic properties of pastes made from hydrated dolomitic and high-calcium limes D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1958 Out of print
C329 Solid state reactions of CaF2 with oxides in the presence of water vapor D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1962 Out of print
C335 Silica brick from northern Illinois silica sand D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1962 Buy
C270 Effects of hydration procedures and calcination in the presence of NaCl on the properties of lime hydrates D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1959 Out of print
C408 One-dimensional disorder in carbonates D. L. Graf, C. R. Blyth, R. S. Stemmler 1967 Buy
C397 The origin of saline formation waters. III, calcium chloride waters D. L. Graf, W. F. Meents, I. Friedman, N. F. Shimp 1966 Out of print
EG030 Preliminary stratigraphy of unconsolidated sediments from the southwestern part of Lake Michigan D. L. Gross, J. A. Lineback, W. A. White, N. J. Ayer, Charles Collinson, H. V. Leland 1970 Buy
C488 A seismic refraction survey of the Meredosia Channel area of northwestern Illinois D. L. McGinnis, P. C. Heigold 1974 buy
FTLasalle LaSalle area, La Salle, Bureau, and Putnam counties : La Salle and Ottawa 15-minute quadrangles D. L. Reinertsen and M. M. Killey 1971 Buy
FTMtsterling Mt. Sterling area : Brown, Adams, Pike and Schuyler Counties, Mt. Sterling, Meredosia, Ruchville, and Augusta 15-minute quadrangles D. L. Reinertsen, D. J. Berggren, and M. M. Killey 1971 Buy
FTMilan Milan area, Rock Island and Henry counties : Milan, Coal Valley, and Davenport East 7.5-minute quadrangles D. L. Reinertsen, D. J. Berggren, R. C. Anderson, and M. M. Killey 1974 Buy
FTNashville2 Guide to the geology of the Nashville area, Washington County D. L. Reinertsen, S. T. Whitaker, P. C. Reed, and L. R. Follmer 1990 Buy
C436 Oil production from the Ste. Genevieve limestone in the Exchange area, Marion County, Illinois D. L. Stevenson 1969 Out of print
C482 The effect of buried Niagaran reefs on overlying strata in southwestern Illinois D. L. Stevenson 1973 Out of print
IP114 Salem limestone oil and gas production in the Keenville field, Wayne County, Illinois D. L. Stevenson 1978 Buy


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