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RI077 Chester ostracodes of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1941 Out of print
RI098 Smaller Foraminifera from the Porters Creek formation (Paleocene) of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1944 Out of print
C360 Geology of the Paducah and Smithland quadrangles in Illinois Charles A. Ross 1964 Buy
C351 Structural framework of southernmost Illinois Charles A. Ross 1963 Buy
COOP006 Assessment of a regional aquifer in central Illinois Charles B. Burris, Walter J. Morse, Thomas G. Naymik 1981 Buy
B047 Geology and mineral resources of the Equality-Shawneetown area : (parts of Gallatin and Saline Counties) Charles Butts 1925 Buy
RI136 Analysis of coal cleaning on a concentrating table Charles C. Boley 1949 Out of print
GB006 28th Annual Tri-State Geological guidebook : Western Illinois, October 17 and 18, Quincy Illinois Charles Collinson 1964 Out of print
C343 Collection and preparation of conodonts through mass production techniques Charles Collinson 1963 Buy
GES15-rev. Guide for beginning fossil hunters Charles Collinson 2002 (rev.) buy
ES04 Guide for beginning fossil hunters Charles Collinson ; illustrations by Marie E. Litterer 1959 (rev.) Out of print
EG056 Trace elements in bottom sediments from upper Peoria Lake, middle Illinois River : pilot project Charles Collinson and Neil F. Shimp 1972 Buy
ES06 Field book Pennsylvanian plant fossils of Illinois Charles Collinson and Romayne Skartvedt 1960 Out of print
C247 Chitinozoan faunule of the Devonian Cedar Valley Formation Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott 1958 Buy
C254 Age of the Springville shale (Mississippian) of Southern Illinois Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott 1958 Out of print
C328 Six charts showing biostratigraphic zones, and correlations based on conodonts from the Devonian and Mississippian rocks of the Upper Mississippi Valley Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott, Carl B. Rexroad 1962 Out of print
RI186 North American paleozoic Chitinozoa Charles Collinson, Howard Schwalb 1955 Out of print
GB012 Coastal geology, sedimentology, and management, Chicago and the Northshore : prepared for the 4th annual field conference, Great Lakes Section, Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, September 21-22, 1974 Charles Collinson, Jerry A. Lineback, Paul B. DuMontelle, Dorothy C. Brown 1974 Buy
GB010 Pennsylvanian conodont assemblages from La Salle County, northern Illinois Charles Collinson, Matthew J. Avcin, Rodney D. Norby, Glen K. Merrill 1972 Out of print
MISCPUBSTR Stratigraphy of the Mississippian stratotype--Upper Mississippi Valley, U.S.A. Charles Collinson, Rodney D. Norby, Thomas L. Thompson, and James W. Baxter 1979 Out of print


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