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RPR1988-P Engineering geology investigations of a hazardous-waste landfill in west central Illinois, USA Christopher Stohr, Wen-June Su, Leon Follmer, Paul DuMontelle, and Robert A. Griffin 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-O Changes in volatile organic chemical concentration after purging slowly recovering wells Beverly L. Herzog, Sheng-Fu J. Chou, John R. Valkenburg, and Robert A. Griffin. 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-N Flash pyrolysis of coal, coal maceral, and coal-derived pyrite with on-line characterization of volatile sulfur compounds Mei-In M. Chou, Michael A. Lake and Robert A. Griffin 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-M Coal deposits of the United States Nelson, W. John 1987 Out of print
RPR1988-L Ramp-platform model for Silurian pinnacle reef distribution in the Illinois basin by Stephen T. Whitaker 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-K Organic geochemistry of ten samples of Anna and Energy Shale members of the Carbondale Formation (Pennsylvanian), Illinois Basin Mei-In M. Chou, C.-L. Chou, and R. A. Allen 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-J Origin of clay minerals in Pennsylvanian strata of the Illinois Basin Randall E. Hughes, Philip J. DeMaris, W. Arthur White, and Douglas K. Cowin 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-I Illinois : description of coal seams Heinz H. Damberger 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-H Size and maceral association of pyrite in Illinois coals and their float-sink fractions Richard D. Harvey and Philip J. DeMaris 1987 $5.00
RPR1988-G Horseshoe Quarry, Shawneetown fault zone, Illinois by W. John Nelson 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-F Fluvial-deltaic deposits (Caseyville and Abbott Formations) of early Pennsylvanian age exposed along the Pounds Escarpment, southern Illinois Russell J. Jacobson 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-E Cyclothems in the Carbondale Formation (Pennsylvanian: Desmoinesian series) of La Salle County, Illinois C. Brain Trask 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-D Reevaluation of the timing and causes of high lake phases in the Lake Michigan basin Ardith K. Hansel and David M. Mickelson 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-C Principles and applications of clay mineral composition in Quaternary stratigraphy : examples from Illinois, USA Herbert D. Glass and Myrna M. Killey 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-B Geologic applications of a Geographic Information System: development of a coal mine information database in Illinois Robert J. Krumm, Lisa R. Smith, Robert J. Pool, E. Donald McKay 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-A Ice marginal sedimentation in a late Wisconsinan end moraine complex, northeastern Illinois, USA Ardith K. Hansel and W. Hilton Johnson 1988 Out of print
RPR1987-V Thermal measurement of soils using a multineedle probe with a pulsed-point source. T.H. Larson 1988 Out of print
RPR1987-U Economics of the coal industry east of the Mississippi, 1973-1982 Subhash B. Bhagwat 1987 $5.00
RPR1987-T The Cache Valley of southern Illinois John M. Masters and Davis[sic.] L. Reinertsen 1987 Out of print
RPR1987-S Valmeyer Anticline of Monroe County, Illinois Rodney D. Norby 1987 Out of print


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